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guitar metronome Customers Reviews

  • Very Good Metronome - Fast Response

    posted by manuelmorant

    Very functional clip-on, good options, is a 3 in 1, metronome, tuner and tone generator, with vibration tuning option. C,Eb,Bb and F, tunning. Good Battery life
    Very usefull to tune in a band, with a lot of sound there, very handy for any kind of instrument
    Very good option, For a tuner of this clarity, size, quality and sensitivity. The pricing is way worth it. Highly recommended!
  • Okay Tuner, but no Metronome Function

    posted by Lightfan99

    :First of all, I should say that I am very much a beginner on guitar. I played for a short while several years ago, and I'm just picking it up after a long time.So please consider my comments in that context.---Pretty good price!Very solidly built. I was pretty impressed by this -- especially considering the price.---There are two 'led-type' indicator 'scales'.The first one indicates which string it is analyzing, and the second one indicates whether your string is tuned too high or too low.You then adjust the tension of your strings accordingly.The clamp holds the tuner securely to the guitar head, yet the dense rubber pads on the clamps prevent any damage to the guitar.Also, the unit swivels freely on its clamp, so that you can orient it properly --- depending on if you are left-handed or right-handed. ---PS. All LED indicator lights are red, except the LED that comes on when the turning is correct. ...IT'S GREEN.
    My old analog tuner tuned by the 'sound' produced by the guitar, whereas this tunes by the 'vibration' detected in the guitar head.The advantage of this method is that you can tune a guitar in a noisy environment where you might not have been able to do so with an analog 'sound' tuner. (Due to the interference of other sounds around you.)
    I'm pleased with my purchase.I highly recommend it.
  • Guitar Tuner

    posted by Scheinsteiger

    Nice guitar tuner to tune the guitar. You can always carry with them. Fairly easy to mount, rotated and adjusted.Good Build: nothing never squeaks and rattles is not, though there is little backlash mounting against the housing. It works well for its price, this differs from other tuners do not notice it. Place attachment to the guitar has a rubber lining.
    To buy or not - your decision, but if you choose from 2 unknown companies, I'd take the one that is cheaper.
  • Great product

    posted by jwat

    Easy and convenient to navigate between modes and use.Great tuner, fast reaction. Can tune chromatically, guitar, violin, bass, u. Tuner with drone, can fine adjust pitch. Good volume range.Metronome good with multiple modes. Can control volume.Large screen.Can plug in headphones, can plug in patch cable. Solid plastic body.
    Great product good metronome and tuner combination device. Good price.
  • Nice Tuner

    posted by VickCoimbra

    Great tuner, very accurate!!!!!!!!
    Easy to use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The price is really amazing. It costs the double or triple in my country!!!!!!!
    It really woth the money. The price is honest!!!!
    Nice product, very useful and easy to use. It's really good to all musicians!
    Overall great product, high quality! Don't waste your money in other tuners, buy it right now!!!!!!!
    Dealextreme always suprising us with good products and nice prices!


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