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  • Good price to value ratio

    posted by georgegvj

    Good construction: metal case, good knobs, good jacks. Beatiful finish. It's a very versatile pedal, going from a low gain "crunch" to a high gain distortion. You can tweak the sound from blues to heavy metal.
    Acceptable noise level (expected for a high gain pedal). Looks very good on the Pedal Board.
    Great pedal for the price. I recommend. In my set, I use a TS-9, and needed a higher gain pedal. This pedal fitted very well.
  • Good Pedal and Good Price

    posted by pzaidan

    I comes in a good metal case;The position of the power outlet is the best;The controls respond without any noises.The toggle is reliable;Solid building;It comes with battery! And - at least mine - doesn't need a screwdriver to open.
    I realized that, in the correct settings, it can be used as a booster.
    It is an excelent pedal for the price. It is my first joyo and now I intend to get some others
  • wietse

    posted by vandijk

    Great sound.Easy to use.Have most boss effect pedals but this is a great Phase shifter for this price.If you have a small amount of money to spend it's a really good option.Takes not much room on a pedal board so i can fit it in with 7 boss 1 line 6 and a wah wah on my board
    Gonne order more stuf from this brand
    Gonne be experimenting recording some sounds with this product the whole week.Take it to some extreme options . With a metal overdrive hanging on it and a wah wah should be blowing you away
  • Excelent sound

    posted by edgmaulen

    the sound is great, very similar to Boss Chorus. the construction is to strong, ... hard iron case and true by pass button...I will buy more pedal Joyo I love it..
    I recommend this pedal great sound and quality.. it is made with metal case and true by pass button I will buy more pedal Joyo I love it..
    the pedal is good... see the demos in youtube and if you can, buy it... nothing to envy to Boss pedal... and $38,99 and free shipping... it is the pedal that you need if you don't have money jajaja I will buy more pedal Joyo I love it..
  • Good Value

    posted by RecyclerMan

    Very good price For the price of one in my country I can buy 3 to 4 of them. Seems to have good contact switching as every time I have used the switch it has worked flawlessly. So when I am using the switch in the stomp box I have no fear of it failing and not switching over properly
    Great for building effect boxes with true bypass and powering an status LED with 3pdt you can do more than this as well
    Will buy many more as time requires, Also time should tell how long it lasts!!! it is only a mechanical device when all said and done

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