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guitar capo Customers Reviews

  • Awesome capo for open tunings!

    posted by voskovek

    + It's a great capo for creating cool open tunings, you have hundreds of different possibilities with this!+ It's quite small, I thought it was kind of bulky when I saw the pictures, but it doesn't bother you while you're playing;+ It's very easy to use, and you can create interesting tunings to play your songs.
    I was amazed when I saw this product, it brings the idea of a capo to a whole new level and it allows you to create really interesting sounds for your songs.The price is excellent, it's way cheaper than any store in my country.
  • Looks and works great

    posted by yukonwinter

    This devise was very easy to operate yet it clamps on any fret to kept all six (6) strings securly held. One nice feature is the speed of use. Start to finish is two seconds.It is metal and rubber and a firm spring that shuld last for years. The red colour is nice.
    I wuld buy again in a different colour.
    Best value there is for a capo. I partcularly like the red one.
  • amazing buy

    posted by cdashvilla

    this is a really great capo
    Simple and functional. Does what it's supposed to, which is to fret your guitar fret board at a predetermined position. Simple to understand how to use it, easy to tighten on and off and adjust to your neck width. Small enough to fit in any pocket. A little wider than my classical guitar neck, so it fits snugly. Sturdy enough for its purpose.
    For this price range, you can't go wrong with a completely functional capo - allowing you to explore the possibilities of transposing the nut to other open positions. If you don't mind (or even enjoy) spending just a little time with some fine tuning on your guitar before you play, this is just what you need.
  • Great Capo!

    posted by lordzord

    1. Very good build quality. It feels very solid and professional.
    2. Light weight. Made of aluminium alloy. Also it has a great mat finish. Feels really good in your hand.
    3. Soft and elastic rubber. It pushes every string and it holds strong, after use looks like new.
    4. Strong spring for a good grip.
    Capo fits great on my electric and acoustic guitar. I'm not sure it will fit on classical (flamenco) guitar.
    At all, capo works just is should. Looks exepensive and professional.
  • simple, does its job

    posted by ventone

    It works and costs under 2 USDIt's simple and light.Perfect for classical guitar, probably for others too.I have another biger and heavier metal capo.This one does exactly the same.
    Leave it in a pocket of your guitar bag and forget about it.It comes in a little plastic box that I will probably loose, not that I need it.I am not sure about its quality, I only play ocasionally and I am not sure how long it will last but it looks as good or as bad as the others I've seen (my teacher's)I use it in a classical guitar haven't tried with electric
    definitely worth it


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