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guitar capo Customers Reviews

  • Works well

    posted by Arukk

    The product works perfectly well. It saved me purchasing one from my local music store, their prices average around 35-60 dollars each. So purchasing this gave me quite a saving. It fits both my electric and classic accoustic guitars, and produces a relatively clear and crisp sound when attached properly.
    The build quality could've been a little better. And the instructions definatly could've been made a little more informative.. In case people can't work it out properly, you screw the screw in to a rough estimate, and then squeeze the pieces together in order to make it lock.
    It's an ideal purchase for beginning guitarists who wish to expand the ammount of songs they can play. And also removes the need to play the more complicated chords in some songs (Such as some of Panic At The Disco's songs, they use capos in some of their film clips, rather than having to play bar chords spread over the neck). However, I wouldn't recommend it for use with a guitar worth more than 500 dollars, as it's definately not the most gentle capo. But good enough for general use.
  • Stainless Steel Guitar Capo Received

    posted by XddlovatoX

    -Cheap-Usable-Tight Grip
    I bought another capo from deal extreme a couple months earlier and gave it to my friend. That was the reason for me purchasing this capo. I wanted to try this one compared to my first one. And It turns out I liked the other one better. This one is bigger but It has some greasy remnants of either glue or rubber. However it worked fine and I'm still using it now. It was very cheap so I guess it's a good deal.
    Got what I paid for :)
  • Impressed by the Quality

    posted by vitbotega

    The metal has a very good quality;The product It is very firm on the strings and the uke;It sounds very good;It fits perfectly for the uke.
    Maybe it could be a bit to firm on the fretboard and the strings. We will only know by time.
    I am very happy with this quality purchase. Actually, I got very impressed with the quality, I wasn´t expecting that much.

    posted by koisuruusagi

    GOOD CAPO it is cheap and reliable!
    good for ppl who need a convenient and small, cheap capo!!!!
  • Good capo

    posted by albertomei

    I'm a guitarist and this kind of products use them much. It's the first time I've seen a capo like this. It is for other than reculable to sizes and is very accurate. It has the consistency and quality of metal but nevertheless serves to test and do not have a bad sound.
    The color is very striking. It would be more discreet brown.
    A useful product at an affordable price

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