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guitar black Customers Reviews

  • Good pickup for guitar!

    posted by euronios

    Easy to use.
    Good pickup for acoustic guitar. This pickup is a very useful article for those who want to amplify the sound of an acoustic guitar. Very easy to install no need to change the instrument. With regulaition for volume and ton have good quality and are the ideal solution for anyone who wants a good solution amplification with low price. Although it has an excellent price-quality ratio. Suffice to install this accessory and connect it to an amplifier or a mixer to obtain an amplification with excellent quality, reduced feedback.
    Nothing to refer.
  • Working pickup

    posted by jankuba91

    This pickup has contact microphone, so it can be used with nylon strings. It's small, so it don't get in a way, while you play. It's possible to drum on your guitar, or use it as a vibration detector.
    For that price it's good pickup. In Czech Republic you would pay tree times more for cheapest.It just works.It's better to have this pickup, than some dynamic mic, because of feedback.
    Buy it!
  • Very easy to use.

    posted by ericabus

    Very easy to use. Just put it on the guitar with the clipon and turn it on. the light will turn green when you get the tuning right. It shows wich way to tune. Batteries were included. its small and easy to bring with you in your pocket.
    I good product if you dont know how to tune a guitar whith just your ears.Great for beginners like me.
    A cheap tuner with good quality.
  • Good price to value ratio

    posted by georgegvj

    Good construction: metal case, good knobs, good jacks. Beatiful finish. It's a very versatile pedal, going from a low gain "crunch" to a high gain distortion. You can tweak the sound from blues to heavy metal.
    Acceptable noise level (expected for a high gain pedal). Looks very good on the Pedal Board.
    Great pedal for the price. I recommend. In my set, I use a TS-9, and needed a higher gain pedal. This pedal fitted very well.
  • This is by far one of the best tuners I have used.

    posted by Rosco54

    This is by far one of the best tuners I have used. I wasn't expecting a lot for the money because I have boughten some cheap tuners in the past that did not work well. Was I surprised. It tunes accurately and easily.
    After trialling the first one from the site, I have since went back and order several more. I have one for all my guitars and stringed instruments and have even purchased them for friends as gifts.
    Great product for the price and I would not hesitate to purchase more.

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