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gu5.3 led 12v dc

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gu5.3 led 12v dc Customers Reviews

  • Good value

    posted by tanalpo

    Illumination is approximately equivalent of a 20W halogen bulb. But the power consuptiom is very low, I measured 0.13A at 12V. The bulb fits in the old housing without any problems. Collor temperature is also nice, but more on the white side, I would say 3500K. Almost no heat is generated.
    Very basic soldi lamp, powefull enough, perfect size for most appliances.
    I would recommend if you're looking for:- a lamp which produces no heat at all - looking for 20w halogen equivalent- driveing with 12v -DC is not a problem
  • Perfect replacement for a 20W halogen

    posted by eatatjoes10

    - exactly 4,08W power consumption (0,34A at 12V)- nice beam and color- thermal grease! At least a little bit.- no polarity (works with +/- and -/+)
    Bought two of these and two sku 128179 to compare them. Specs are similar, but this one is much brighter (really uses 4W, 128179 is only 2,4W!). I also compared them to a 20W 35mm halogen spot.This one gives a bit colder light then 128179, wich is nearly as warm as the halogen spot, but 128179 is also much dimmer. I'd say, this one (123940) is the best replacement for a 20W halogen spot I've ever tested. Color is warm white, no blue or green tint.It could have a bit more thermal grease. There is some, but I doubt it's usefull. The LED's will live longer with some more of it.The driver circuit is not glued to the plastic part of the housing, no problem if somebody needs to replace a burned one (in 128179 the driver is glued to the plastic housing, bad for replacing it)
    I'll see how it lasts, seems to be of nice quality. Try to put some thermal grease to it, allways helps to last longer.
  • Pleasently relaxing warm light LED Light Bulb

    posted by gpremec

    -Pleasently relaxing warm light-Solid aluminum casing
    It should be noted that light bulb is for 12V DC.I use plug-in 220V to 12V DC power supply, or AC to DC converter (SKU: 66271) to use this lamp as a replacement for 20W halogen lamp.It seems to me that this LED light bulb produces less reflections than ordinary halogen light bulb, making reading easier.After experimenting with one for two months, I decided to order three more.
    Recommended buy.
  • Excellent price-to-quality ratio

    posted by ogi28b

    This is a good-to-buy item, if you are planning to save energy by replacing old dichroic GU5.3 20W lamps, or just have a burned out one that need to be replaced. It's so simple to use - just plug-and-play, no matter the direction. It has a built-in AC to DC transformer. The light is a bit whiter and brighter, compared to branded standart dichroic 20W and also it is a little bit wider, compared to 36 degree dichroic. At 2.6 m high, the spot is about 2 meters in diameter. I don't have any 35 W to comapre to.
    The heat dissipate body look good. Big surface.
    Very useful, low-energy, suitable for bathroom, corridor, hallway, vestibule. A must-buy!
  • Not bright enough to replace halogen

    posted by charlesr

    Direct replacement size-wise for halogens so it fits in limited fittings.The lines of LEDs look cool when lit.Low energy consumption.
    If you are looking for a low lumen flood, then perhaps this would meet your needs.
    This LED bulb has small dimensions which match original halogen bulbs, but is not really bright enough for most situations. However, if you are looking for a low lumen flood this would suit your need.

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