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On this page, you can find a wide selection of gu10 led white. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. You can also browse the led gu10 6w, led gu10 230v, and we provide more ways to help you find the products you want. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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gu10 led white Customers Reviews

  • Good product but narrow spotlight

    posted by stopsi

    - Very bright at spotlight
    - nice finish & look
    - looks professional
    - constant light circle, very regular shaped light
    I have 7W "energysaver" spotlight bulb too, and this is much brighter (3W!) at spotlight but much narrower beam... Old energy saver beam is something like 180° but this is maybe 10°
    Very good when you need bright and narrow-beamed spotlight
  • Honest, good-priced product. Cool and fairly bright.

    posted by S10QaN

    - It is excactly what it claims, no lies.- 140 lumen should be correct- It is 6-7 k white indeed.- It's cheap- Still working (aprox. 1 year of use)- Does not get hot, which may be the reason for no heatsink- It's not too big (comparable to avergage size).
    Operated over 230 V. The color temperature is white, excactly as the description says. It is not the brightest bulb, but as a spot lamp good (I am using it in a big living room). It is still working and I am sure it will for a long time (I will post in the forums if not). The build quality seems pretty good, apart from the loose board which was glued together.
    If you are looking for excactly what the title says and you like the price, you will be pleased. It is a good product and I would recommend it if you need a cool spot lamp for a small rom.
  • Good quality and price

    posted by raupp

    Very good light bulb, quality ok and the price is too good i used in 110v like Brasil
    Very good for LED spots on the roof and other things i recommend the price is very good
    no more to say, the product is good and the price is just good, you dont need driver and any thing like that.
  • Excellent replacement for halogens

    posted by ukexile

    Brought two of these as a trial to assess output of a 5W LED compared to existing halogens before buying whole downlight assmeblies for entire house. Fitted these into exisitng downlight and I'm impressed. Output is very similar if not exactly same as existing 50W halogen. Colour is whiter so not quite as warm as the yellow/orange halogen however light level is good
    Build quality appears good. Only veyr minor defects in heatsink fins. Very minor though.
    These are sufficent to confirm I'll be ok using 5W LEDs throughout house. Based on these I will now be selcting whole downlight units to purchase
  • Higher Power consumption

    posted by rmanus

    Word as expected. This led bulb is cheaper, robust. It has a protective glass and nice luminosity. I used it to replace my old halogen bulb. It is working a week ago and seems good. Very good product.
    None. Anyway is a good investment for the price.
    Despite the higher power consumption has a good price-quality relation.

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