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gu10 led white 220v

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gu10 led white 220v Customers Reviews

  • Vadim

    posted by Va099

    very bright, high-quality housing, ease of installation.Very bright, but narrow spot of light. Better to use a pointing light in dry places inaccessible to moisture. When you receive a check directly to the quantity, content, in fact, and serviceability as well as color hue.
    Ordered 70 pieces GU10. In fact sent in August with a pink tinge and 2 did not those MR16 1vatt without a driver on 12 volts
    If little to improve the quality and reliability of the internal content-rations, it is recommended
  • Good price, strange color

    posted by erkanD

    Good lights with little power consumption. They are cheap and you can get many of them. The build quality seems to be good as well, it fits the socket nicely.
    No other thoughts.
    All in all, very good product. I would buy more, but maybe I will look into something else with a warmer shine. I would also recommend these to friends and family.
  • Great bulb, very nice white light

    posted by Macolar

    Much brighter than old halogen lights (40W) and also brighter than normal warm white bulbs for 4W. As they are 3.6W strong, they consume very little electricity if you compare with halogen bulbs.They are also very easy to install and none burned yet (i had other bulbs of such kind before that i bought elsewhere and they still work perfectly - new ones are much brighter though).
    I have checked many of bulbs that are similar to this one, and bought 3 in the end. I've found out that this one is the brightest of them all and it still has very nice white light (the other 2 were a bit whiter, but the brightness is lower).Link to other 2 bulbs (very great as well, but that one is my winner):- http://www.dx.com/p/gu10-2-8w-300lm-7000k-white-48-smd-3528-led-light-bulb-silver-220v-174250- http://www.dx.com/p/gu10-3w-336lm-6500k-24-smd-5050-led-white-light-lamp-white-silver-220v-193088
    All in all, the room is much brighter now. Very satisfied with the product.
  • Nice halogen replacers

    posted by minitruck

    Nicely build lamps.I order 3 at the same time and luckily they are all the same color! Because they are in one ficture I was affraid they would be different tints.
    It they would have been warmer (lower Kelvin value) they would be very nice. Light spread is good and they look good with the billet aluminium.Not sure if they are dimmable though..
    Not bad for a bright LED lamp for under $ 8,-If the color would have been warmer I would buy more!
  • good one

    posted by aleks771

    Nice warm light, powerfull enough for some ambient lightning, equivalent roughly to a 35w halogen light that sits next to it. Not powerfull enough to light a working place by itself, combine 2 or more to light a workdesk. Good build quality, feels solid.
    overall good value for the price, nice warm color, enough power to light
    not bad for the price,overall good value for the price, nice warm color, enough power. Ordering another batch to cover all of the house lighting

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