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gu10 led warm white

Welcome to our gu10 led warm white online shop. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. gu10 6w led warm white or gu10 light led warm white may offer more options for you. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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gu10 led warm white Customers Reviews

  • Great replacement for classic 100W/120W bulb – SENCART GU10 24W 3500K 1740

    posted by Maanichka

    Smooth light, very similar to the classic 100-120W bulb I used to have before. The GU10 is good, little bit loose on the socket, but without an issue. I don't have means to measure the lumens or the power at home.
    I have it only for a short time so I have to wait some time to check on durability, since it is considerably more expensive than regular GU10 bulb. The exposed metal pads of the LEDs could not hurt,I tested it and it is safe.
    I'm satisfied till now at all.
  • Bon achat

    posted by gquennev

    Bon éclairage très semblable au GU10 de 35w. Exactement la même dimension que l'originale (halogène). Peu ou pas de chaleur émise contrairement à halogène.
    livraison lente (3 semaines). Je ne sais pas si la durée de vie sera vraiment supérieure aux lampes halogènes
    Après 2 semaines d'utilisation (±60hres) tout est ok. Je recommanderais l'achat quoique un peu dispendieuse
  • Worth every penny

    posted by ivarri

    - The bulbs are very bright and nice looking- Warm white seems warm white to me- With this price, it's hard to find any products for comparison- Quality of the structure seems very good- Better shape than the halogen bulbs I replaced
    I thought i'd receive low quality bulbs but the quality really seems quite good. I'll have to wait for some few years to see how they really do.
    After a long wait, I picked up my package today. The bulbs are better than I'd expect and the warm white color matches my expectations 100%. Recommended product on my behalf.
  • Instant flood of light, everytime, This is it

    posted by cyriusbe

    Used in my kitchen, to replace sku.44577, that have replace FC bulb.
    sku.44577 was "spotting" some places, 3 bulb in use.
    This one is just flooding everywhere in the kitchen, even if it's a bit "yellow".
    This is preferred to the sku.44577, and still more economic than old FC bulb (13w).
    This is not too hot after hours.
    It is big bulb !! building is good, it is not un mounting by itself !!
    Damn so good, have already buy 3 spares, just in case, but they probably will not serve. And even, i cannot find so economic bulb (in watt) for so low price. Now SMD 5050 based bulb are arriving, they can output light in every direction (have one in my garage, 1600 lumen, this is just too much, it's like having sun inside). wait and see
  • Good, very brighting lamp

    posted by Kostanos

    Very good lamp for the first look. I'm using it on the bathroom, it gives more light than the traditional 50W lamp. The light is scattered by the room (not a spot), what is I'm looked for.The light has little bit different color, I see a little green shade, but it nice.
    Be carefully with the lamp size. It will not fit, if you need the standard size.I will check it for a couple of month, if it still works, will buy more.

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