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  • Bright and warm

    posted by hepso

    A very competitive product, very good quality for an acceptable price. It is bright and warm, much better than other LED lamps I have tried, which seems start flashing after a while, probably due to overheatingIt is much brighter than my old 50w Halogen spots, the spread is good and the light is pretty warm, not blue-ish as some others.The ventilation of the spot heating seems good
    I highly recommend this product, only warning is for them who's looking for a small spot (build-in) etc
    Buy it if you want a warm workinglight!
  • Zhisnunjia GU10 LED light bulb

    posted by needsomething

    When I was first ordering this LED light bulb I had some doubts in item's quality and functionality. Also I was worried if this item will be dimensionally suitable for installation in gypsum plates ceiling heavily stuffed with insulation. So, I ordered only two LED bulbs just to see how will all that work. After LED bulbs arrived, they replaced halogen bulbs with no problems. They fitted perfectly in existing GU10 socket, no problems with gypsum ceilings either. Having them for few weeks I can tell that brightness of this 5W LED is slightly lower than brightness of 50W halogen bulbs, but heat dissipation is significantly lower. Light this LED bulb radiates is warm white, does not have much (if any) of red tones, and does not irritate eye vision. It is very similar to day light.In addition there is no high frequency sounds, no overheating, no strange odors from this LED. Build quality is decent. Bulb can be directly connected to 220V GU10 socket.
    This LED light bulbs are excellent alternative to halogen bulbs. They look great, price is adequate, installation is very simple. Heat they produce is not worth mentioning, thus very desirable for using at summer.
    These are worth buying. I will be ordering few of them soon. Short note to DX administration personnel. This review has 1285 characters. Please do not delete it as you did with previous one.
  • Good

    posted by HelderPinheiro

    A good design and quality build.Surprised with the ligth that the lamp gives, the announced 450 lm are probably correct. The spread of the ligth is smooth and in a wide angle. If you want to use the lamp in a way that the light must be focused don't even think in that, the purpose of the lamp is to spread the light, and is well done.It warms a little but is not a problem.
    It's possible to unscrew the bottom of the lamp(blank part) from the black. (maybe too easly)But this is not a big problem.
    Good quality and design for a spread light led lamp.
  • Bright-white spotlight

    posted by chasepoes

    Reasonable build qualityWell focussed beamHigh output, equal to 35~50Watt bulb
    The heatsink is screwed onto the plastic base of the lamp. When removing the lamp from its socket, be carefull not to unscrew the heatsink from its base, leaving the base in the socket. But this ia a minor issue really. I use mine as small spotlights in my portable photostudio, and the work a treat.
    Buy one without hesitation if you need a high power, focussed beam, bright-white spotlight
  • Very bright, good quality.

    posted by Sparkster84

    All LEDs are independant lights. Seriously, this is a very bright bulb. Easy to use, just plug and that's it. It even hurts staring at the light directly. The quality of the materials is good, and it feels solid.
    It's no as cheap as we are used to, but these products aren't cheap yet, and even with that, it's quite cheaper than any other similar product that I found at local stores.
    Good quality, it works well and it is very bright, as it is supposed to. The light is quite directive, as in any LED bulb, but no so directive as they use to.

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