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gu10 5w warm

These cool gu10 5w warm are high quality and at affordable prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

gu10 5w warm Customers Reviews

  • Powerful white light bulb

    posted by flnlwea8fw4

    powerful white light, much better (more light and not so yellow white) than SKU 186591,low power consumption,fits easily in most lamps,light beam more white than in picture
    I would exchange SKU 186591 for this one. Quality and light close to brand-name products. I am going to buy it again.
  • One of the best LED bulbs I've ever seen

    posted by EMercer

    Great light, spread, color, temperature and brightness. Economical, good looking, fits most GU10 exposed bulb applications (see Cons)
    One of the best LED bulbs I've ever bought.
    Caveat emptor, if the cons are not an issue for you (as they weren't for my particular use), this can be the best LED light bulb you will ever buy! Great value for your money!
  • Perfect choice

    posted by kassaa

    I used traditional 35-50W halogens. I was looking for a good solution for a long time to replace lamps. It seems this product is a perfect choice.The bright and color of this bulb are perfect for this price.
    After I installed light bulbs I did not want to believe the consumption. I checked the power consumption with digital meter. The power consumption is really 5.5W. This is a very cost effective product.
    I'm very satisfied. The bright and color of this bulb are perfect. I plan to replacing all normal halogen bulbs to this product.
  • Solid piece of hardware for a good price

    posted by newt969

    - Emits an ideal color/temperature of light - not too cold and not too warm.- Light produced by this bulb is bright enough (actually a tiny bit brighter) to replace a legacy 50W bulb at one tenth of the power consumption.- Solid construction.
    This bulb emits very good light and fits my ceiling GU10 lamp perfectly. Very much recommended for replacing a legacy 50W spotlight bulb.
    I purchased a single piece as a trial but am definitely going to purchase a bunch of these, to be one step closer to having LED bulbs in the entire house.
  • Excellent replacement for halogens

    posted by ukexile

    Brought two of these as a trial to assess output of a 5W LED compared to existing halogens before buying whole downlight assmeblies for entire house. Fitted these into exisitng downlight and I'm impressed. Output is very similar if not exactly same as existing 50W halogen. Colour is whiter so not quite as warm as the yellow/orange halogen however light level is good
    Build quality appears good. Only veyr minor defects in heatsink fins. Very minor though.
    These are sufficent to confirm I'll be ok using 5W LEDs throughout house. Based on these I will now be selcting whole downlight units to purchase

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