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gu10 5w led bulb

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gu10 5w led bulb Customers Reviews

  • Very bright, good quality.

    posted by Sparkster84

    All LEDs are independant lights. Seriously, this is a very bright bulb. Easy to use, just plug and that's it. It even hurts staring at the light directly. The quality of the materials is good, and it feels solid.
    It's no as cheap as we are used to, but these products aren't cheap yet, and even with that, it's quite cheaper than any other similar product that I found at local stores.
    Good quality, it works well and it is very bright, as it is supposed to. The light is quite directive, as in any LED bulb, but no so directive as they use to.
  • Good light quality and well finished.

    posted by eduardss

    The quality of the light is VERY GOOD.The lumens are high for a 5W lamp.The color of the light is the expected for a 3000K color temperature.The warm white is VERY CONFORTABLE.The beam angle is wide.Illumination is homogeneous. Light spreads smoothly.The product has a good mechanical fabrication and it is well finished. The edges are not sharp so manipulation is easy.
    The product uses the advanced led technology.The relation price – quality is good.The product accomplishes the written specifications.The product performance is very good and mechanical fabrication is good.A second version of this lamp whit more power and lumes would be appreciate.
    Appropriate for use in places were good illumination is needed.Appropriate for decorative purposes.
  • Very good light bulb, soft light for eyes and cheaper.

    posted by PatoLeonCL

    This bulb was made with good materials, fits correctly in the socket, focus light in the zone you expect, light is warm, i replaced a normal dicroic light and this do the work perfectly. is a very cheaper than normal dicroic or another similar led lights (Chile) and also has a very low consumption.
    Dealextreme could be offer different material colors (aluminium and plastic).
    good light, good materials, cheaper, very low consumption.
  • Great LED Lamp.

    posted by garfpt

    Great Lamp.Nice Color aluminum.Is very bright. Can Replace easily a 50W Halogen Gu10 Lamp.My living room now only has 30W instead of 300W in total lamps (6 Spots).I'm saving electricity in style and great light.
    Nice LED spot.
    They are good LED Spot lamps.I will see if they last for a long time.
  • Look very Good

    posted by schlash

    Compact and good warm light color, better than most. It is truly a warm very very slightly yellow light.
    I really hope that they last longer than all of the other LED Spots that I have bought here, none of them lasted longer than a few months :-(.
    Too early to be certain but at first glance they look good.

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