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  • Nice product but too cold temp.

    posted by chriscc

    Dimmable, Good price, Good amount of lumens, bulb stays cool when on.
    I wanted to replace all 7 fixtures I had with this but the lighting was so cold that I cant use it now.
    If you don't want that nice yellow glow 2500K offers, then this is a good deal. I think this would be good for a retail or for a task lighting purpose.
  • Good bulb that will illuminate the entire room

    posted by supergun10

    Good bulb that will illuminate the entire room, treatment is suitable for bathrooms and rooms where you need plenty of light and its parameters has respectable performance and fogging glass perfectly light scatter. Light up the room a pleasant light, so that does not dazzle as other inner LED bulbs. When I redo a room on the spot lights, this bulb will direct my choice ... Good performance at a reasonable price ....
    I have nothing to add
    I am satisfied
  • Nice led light for it's price.

    posted by Jedike

    Very nice led light, the light output is very good compared with the original non-led light version I replaced.A tip would be not to go under 250ml if not used as a sfeerlicht. I have used on as a replacement in a group 3 lights and (1 led and 2 others) and the difference with before is minimal.
    I don't know if dimming with a regular dimmer is possible, but I guess it can be tested.
    Good replacement light to save money and energy.
  • Good 35w replacement

    posted by iborkimg

    These bulbs provide a good quality of light. I haven't seen so far any flickering or differences between them in terms of color. And it has the best price I have found for 4w led bulbs.
    Do not point it directly to the face, is to strong for direct illumination point it to the walls or the roof.Great price - cheaper than in local stores and much more powerfull! Great buy really
    Great bulb! great price - cheaper than in local stores and much more powerfull! Great buy really
  • Very bright spotlight bulb

    posted by biehe

    Very bright light! I have one installed in by bathroom next to two 35W halogen GU10 bulbs. This one is just as bright as the incandescents and it doesn't get too hot to touch. It's been in use for the past 4 months in which time I've replaced 2 halogens!
    Nice job!
    Good bulb, but don't look too much in the mirror. Would be great as a reading light though!

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