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  • The perfect GU10 Replacement !!

    posted by gand0lfi

    I've ordered a lot of different GU10 spots and this one is the best. The color temperature is almost exact as regular GU10 bulbs.Perfect build quality! is better then I expected.
    It's Warm white, nice yellowish for the common sense.As someone already said, colour is consistent, no greenish tint.
    I'll buy more to have spares, as this ones are cheap and nice !!I have seen similars to this one as much as 6 to 3 times more expensive, so nice deal !!
  • Will pay for itself in no time!

    posted by tone76

    - Excellent price
    - Seems quite well made
    - Very low energy consumption
    - Performs well compared to 35W halogens
    Claims to be 'warm white'. It's warm by LED standards, but it's still quite a cool white.
    The beams are also quite narrow. This is good if you need a concentrated bright spot.
    Similar bulbs in Australia are up to 5 times more expensive, these are an excellent option. The savings in energy consumption (3W for LED vs 35W for halogen) means these should pay for themselves quickly.
    Overall, a worthwhile investment in making my home a little more 'green'.
  • Used to replace 50W halogen lamps

    posted by paflviet

    - nice light color : I previously ordered various single lamps to check their color temperature, 6000-7000K is very luminous but too white (the light is "cold"), 3000-3500K is comfortable.- these lamps are dimmable, it's mandatory if you intend to use them with a variator.- I used them to replace 50W halogen lamps.- these 3W led lamps give me more light than the previously used 50W halogen bulbs.
    I wanted to reduce the energy consumption of a set of 50W halogen lamps, these lamps do the job one the variator is replaced. I divided the energy consumption approximately by a factor 10...
    Start ordering just one for testing, then more if it suits you.
  • good one

    posted by aleks771

    Nice warm light, powerfull enough for some ambient lightning, equivalent roughly to a 35w halogen light that sits next to it. Not powerfull enough to light a working place by itself, combine 2 or more to light a workdesk. Good build quality, feels solid.
    overall good value for the price, nice warm color, enough power to light
    not bad for the price,overall good value for the price, nice warm color, enough power. Ordering another batch to cover all of the house lighting
  • Nice halogen replacers

    posted by minitruck

    Nicely build lamps.I order 3 at the same time and luckily they are all the same color! Because they are in one ficture I was affraid they would be different tints.
    It they would have been warmer (lower Kelvin value) they would be very nice. Light spread is good and they look good with the billet aluminium.Not sure if they are dimmable though..
    Not bad for a bright LED lamp for under $ 8,-If the color would have been warmer I would buy more!

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