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gsm watch Customers Reviews

  • Cell watch

    posted by case77

    Portable, weightless, two lines standby, work with bluetooth headset.
    My watch doens't have the smart voice dial and smart voice command as you can seen in the advertisement.
    If you want a device only to talk, and not to send sms, this device will be great for you.
  • Ugly but does the job

    posted by ggcardoso

    - Good for a hidden record;- All functions seems to work fine.
    The OS is a generic used on other Chinese phones. It is not too intuitive. You can select the idiom, but english and portuguese are a little confusing.
    It is a fun toy, but cant replace a cellphone. You can use for listen mp3 too, but it will be a little ankward with headfones comin along your arm.
  • Good product

    posted by mmarcosta

    Compact and simple, supports MP3, touch screen, good sound volume and network sensitivity. The battery duration is perfect for this category. The touch screen has good sensitivity, can be handled with fingers or with styllus.
    IT would be better if the manufacturer makes OS updates available, replace some graphics and even work better the translations
    I bought this b/c i needed a mobile solution to be worn during my sports sessions. It's a good equipment, by this price, I'd improve better the quality of equipment adding some insulation to protect circuitry...
  • A large-screen wristwatch cellphone

    posted by kewlkiwi

    Watch does what it should, has heaps of functions such as compass, torch, video, camera, cell-phone, FM radio etc
    The manufacturer needs to improve his quality control (Not DX's fault though).
    This is a quite large unit, but I needed a big screen to avoid putting reading glasses on each time I check the time! If you prefer a smaller, more 'watch-like' unit, DX has them too.For the price, it's a great buy.
  • Very neat gadget

    posted by alter

    Ultra neat gadget. with camera and speakerphone as well as wap browser, bluetooth and brilliant screen. Has built in stylus and lots of cool features.
    Overall this gadget, though not as good as the other one I own (the n388) is still an amazing device. The screen is bigger on this and it's also a very vibrant screen. The built in stylus is very useful for using the touch screen and there are hardware buttons at least for answering the call quickly. The speakerphone works very well as well
    A really enat gadget. Will definiely turn heads when you take it out to check the time or answer a speakerphone call.

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