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You can buy cheap gsm tracker from us. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

gsm tracker Customers Reviews

  • Great

    posted by BossBR

    Lightweight, good price, good GPS accuracy (low error rate), comes with two batteries, charger, waterproof cover.
    Recommend buying, lightweight, small, practical and cheap product.
    Product with good cost benefit. Recommend buying, lightweight, small, practical and cheap product.
  • Installed as SMS warner for me

    posted by quzebe

    Workt very good, accurate. I live in Belgium and used a prepaid card of Proximus. Rather clear English manual (to find on the net or with the small cd). I use it only as warner when somebody touches my bike or to know were the bike is (GPS)
    None so far. I didn't used the white wire, because I didn't want to switch of the fuel ( have to cut wires in that case...)
    I connected the Red+Green together to the battery of my bike. Connected the black to the negative ( ground/frame ). I putted a mercury contact between the Yellow wire and the black wire, so it will give alarm when the bike is hold straight for + 3seconds. To avoid useless SMS, I've hidden a small switch between this contact and the black wire . I only switch it on when I want to feel safe, when I leave the bike alone. I Hope you have some information with my review and connection!
  • Good product

    posted by Zezza

    Good quality product and a good sign of GSM / GPS.The accuracy of 5m grants.
    The value is still high;The power cable carrier could accompany the product.
    The product has given me, but if I had the power cable and PC vehicle would be better spent.
  • Nice Gadget works like it suposed to

    posted by nfuse

    nice gadget, easy to program, just put a cheap prepay sim card in and it works. it is small and this device is easy to carry around i bought it for my son to monitor his movements, and find hem when it is nessecary
    a little more information like make and model would be nice i found this tracker under 2 different name's pt-20 and CVHS-G42-EU
    nice gadget works like it supposed to, and the price is not to much compared to losing your child :)
  • Just GPS tracker, nothing more. OBD just for power

    posted by onekit

    Device works perfectly for such low price. After setup it, I know how much I spend for fuel.
    Recomendations to manufacturer for next versions: 1. Must have USB interface for settings.2. Add posibility to read fuel lefts from OBD.3. Add update frequency as low as 3-5 sec.
    This is most cheap OBD gps tracker.

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