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gsm theft alarm Customers Reviews

  • Great, but has no status information

    posted by PauliusB

    It is very easy to use and it works exactly as described. From system engineering point of view, it is constructed really well. MIC is very sensitive and broadcasts voice clearly.
    It could have some kind of status information. For example it could tell battery charge level over SMS. Or at least to send a SMS after turning security on or off.
    Great and cheap GSM PIR security system
  • Poweful system, if you can configurre it

    posted by Sure2buy

    olid camera and a base device.Easy configured by SMS. Some actions are available while I call the device from my phone.The device IS ABLE to send MMS! The device IS ABLE to send a picture by e-mail. You may see my examples of configurations and MMS in photos.
    I'm proud by myself, I've found a way to receive MMS from the device. But only one of 3 GSM providers works with MMS of the system. The same result with e-mail. Just Megafon allows to get a picture by e-mail. And there is no option to configure SMTP/POP3 server to send e-mail.So, I suspect that the device as developed just by Megafon and some features are configured inside the internal program. It's not honest!
    The device is useful.But you may send too many SMS to configure it properly.You can find the manual for the divice in Internet, for example, in Russian
  • great Device!!!!

    posted by spspider

    Firstly, a was very sad, because after connect a charger, the devise automatically call last binded number, then I send sms 0000, and 1111. The Devise turning off and switch on again. and work correctly.inside a devise all made in smd, and its wonder me - the plate is sophisticated!! all components soldered by modern machine.
    1. Insert sim2. call to sim, until Device automatically picks up you call.3.insert charger4. send sms 0000 then 1111 alternately
    in the future I try to remake it for my car, i will connect it to siren, throw controller(for calling function from alert of car to my phone), and connect alerting system of devise to car alarm(for turning car siren from PIR sensor)
  • Just GPS tracker, nothing more. OBD just for power

    posted by onekit

    Device works perfectly for such low price. After setup it, I know how much I spend for fuel.
    Recomendations to manufacturer for next versions: 1. Must have USB interface for settings.2. Add posibility to read fuel lefts from OBD.3. Add update frequency as low as 3-5 sec.
    This is most cheap OBD gps tracker.

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