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Every single gsm cell phone displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Customers who purchased gsm cell phone also viewed cell phone watch, cell phone charger. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.
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gsm cell phone Customers Reviews

  • Great phone!

    posted by matkojun

    -VERY light, i still thing i'll drop it somewhere :)
    -screen quality is great, diagonal size of visible screen is 5,2cm (5,5cm with shortcuts) so 176x220 resolution fits perfect (bigger screen would be bad beacuse you would see pixels)
    -overall sound (both ringtones and speach) is excellent, it's crystal clear and never goes to clipping
    -touchscreen works flawlessly
    -the operating system is really fast and seems quite stable (it never freezed on me)
    -Music player is something that made me VERY happy, you can put it in background and do other stuff (song title will scroll on your 'idle' screen), you can make your playlist that cell phone automatically stores to your microSD card, it has equalizer function (pop,rock,bass,dance...) etc.
    -cell phone recognized my friends 8GB microSD card without any problems :)
    -Handwriting works good
    -you can charge it via USB
    -Camera is not that bad as everyone is saying. It's normal VGA (0.3M) camera that functions within it's limitations. Pictures taken with it (once you set screen quality to high and resolution to 640x480) are quite ok. Camera doesn't like dark places.
    It's a great (actually awesome) phone. Why? because for this price in my country you'd get mobile phone locked to one operator with 1" screen, no camera, no music player etc. etc. Cons i mentioned aren't really cons for me. Battery life doesn't bother me that much (since i can charge the cellphone anywhere via USB), only thing that really bothered me was very bad (VERY BAD) earphones but i solved that problem by exchanging supplied earplugs with better ones).
  • Excelent relation quality/price

    posted by pelukka

    Cellphone is new and cames with all original accesories and original box.Android 2.2 Resistive screen, but works really fine, and i have big fingers.Can be rooted.GPS and WIFI signal readed really strong.
    3.5 earphone jack died after four times used.You need to use root explorer to uninstall chinese apps.
    Bought this phone for my little girl, she love it.Nice phone for kids.
  • Nice phone

    posted by Robertlogger

    It charges on its USB-port. It's a complete phone, and can do both SIM-cards at one time. For me, as regular bordercrosser, I don't need a collection of phones anymore, this one is just enough.
    The set comes with a stereo headset, USB cable, two batteries and a good English manual.
    You can also call numbers on the second sim with the first sim and reversed.
    For several years I was looking for a dual-sim phone. On the moment, the cheapest one I can get here, costs about 200 euro. For this fortune, I can buy four of these.
    If you have two phone in your pocket, consider to buy this one.
  • GSM Power Switch

    posted by stojkecar

    Simple, easy setup, SMS control, White list for accepted numbers
    It was easy to setup. I had to bought AC adapter for EURO plug(1EUR). I udes manual to setup allowed numbers than can trigger switch. I use it for reseting Wireless BS on hills so i dont have to go there. I put it behind UPS, and connect all equipment behind it. When somethings stops, I send SMS for turning power OFF and again for ON. Helped me few times so far, and saved me gas money.
    Simple, cheap device for reseting your equipment and saving Your money.
  • Great

    posted by anestezie

    - a strong body
    - doesn't look cheap at all
    - a very good russian translation
    - a good desplay resolution
    - simple menu
    - all the basic functions enough for a woman
    - everything needed included
    all in all great
    a great present for girls and women, a very attractive nice phone, there are some doubts about the inner software, don't know how long and how well it will work, but hope for the best)
    i was afraid that it will look worse than it is on the picture, nevertheless it looks 100 times better than i expected

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