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grip 5d mark Customers Reviews

  • This grip works!

    posted by ampangus

    Cheap! The genuine canon grip is almsot 400 dollars here in Canada.Reads the battery status on the newer canon batteries just fine.Stock battery door fits inside the grip like the canon one.AA battery clip works well too.
    The grip surface works fine. Other reviews whine about the grip texture. But I think they just wanted something to complain about.If you have read this much I am sure you will have bought it by now. But if not you should read my bottomline.
    Buy it. If 60 bucks is to much money for you, I don't know how you got up the courage to buy a 5D mKII in the first place. Maybe you should take your 5D back to where you bought it and get your money back. Theres probably a nice 100 dollar point and shoot on sale with your name on it!
  • Comfortable

    posted by czbalazs

    More comfortable to take vertical photos with the camera using battery grip. I use it with the camera's original battery and one another which I ordered from Dealextreme. In this way I can take more than 1000 pictures without recharging.
    Very good choice if you travel or take photos in an event, because make comfortable to taking photos and you can take twice as many pictures as you could using only one battery.
    Good price quite good quality.
  • Very good copy

    posted by Amorphius

    Looks like the original batterygrip from Canon. Very usefull for Portrait shooting. All buttons and wheel are located as on an original grip and can be easilly reached. Package comes complete with AA-battery container.
    In the beginning it did not work well with my camera. After reconnecting the grip several times it now works fine.
    Looking at price-quality this is a great item. It is not an original Canon grip but looks like it and works like one. So overal a 4 star review.
  • Good purchase

    posted by rtwo2008

    Easy to install, working flawlessly, good quality, makes portrait shooting so much easier with the extra shutter click button. All the other buttons worked as well. I am happy that I don't need to change batteries mid shoot anymore, and even if the batteries run out, I can fit AA batteries in this battery grip to continue my photoshoot.
    This review is based on my use of the product for 1 week, if anything arises later on I will edit my review but I doubt anything will happen due to the noticeable high quality of this product.
    It's a very good product, much cheaper than the original Canon one and works the same way.
  • Good inexpensive grip.

    posted by Teemuri

    Compared to the manufacturer's original one, this really holds it's own. Material is very similar in feel (not plastic), although not equally sturdy (when the grip is tightened hard to the body, it kinda squeaks at it's seams). The rubber on the grip is also nice. Button placement is exactly as in the original.
    I was kind of expecting a plastic look-a-like to arrive, but was instead greeted with a surprisingly high quality one!
    Awesome quality for such an inexpensive grip, coming close to the original both in feel and function.

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