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green vest Customers Reviews

  • Cheap and usefull

    posted by kozinov

    Very cheap, very light. Seems like, it will required by local police to have at any car at near future (read some rumors at news). I'm take 5 pcs for me and my friends. One size - fits all (even for me!).
    What thoughts ? ;-) Wear'd'use! I hope, that material is strong enough for -20 -30 degrees. At least, I'm tested it at minus 15.
    It can save you life in future (and some money in wallet, too).
  • Surprisingly good quality

    posted by paulomatsui

    Great build quality. Great finish. Sturdy straps and buckle piece. Elastic - can fit me *and* my backpack. Great quality reflective material. Highly functional.
    Things I buy here on DX have such a so-so quality build that I was (good) surprised to get this sturdy elastic-made with very nice materials and finish.
    I've been using the SKU 117242 vest to commute by bike at night. But its quality is *so* bad it is mostly tearing down in pieces after 5 months of continuous use. This strat-vest came in just in time to replace the old vest. Looks like its going to last for more than a year of heavy use.

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