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  • Very clever toy for babies

    posted by fabricioz

    - Very clever toy.- Nice and fun drawings.- Very soft, it won't injury your baby.- Has names in english and chinese.
    - Great for babies and kids up to six years.
    This is a very fun and clever plush toy for your baby child. It's a square made by four smaller cubes connected together, so you can rotate them and form different drawings with different shapes. You can form a chick, a cat, a bear, a train or a cup stack. It shape will help to develop your baby motor coordination and logic.
  • Funny one

    posted by Berith

    It funny and pops eyes as it should :)Great as funny gift.Great then you need to do "rubber duck debugging" believe me this frog works great for this too!It really makes you (and not only you!) smile :)
    Cool stuff to keep on desk.Friend of mine which received it as a gift loved it instantly.
    It is worth buying since it can be used as uncommon gift.
  • Normal delivery and good quality.

    posted by Kaupira

    Good quality product. Delivery and perfect attendance. Verification of purchase is very fast and effective, sales sites usually take to verify the payment. Congratulations!
    I think we should have more differentiated products like this on the site. The only problem is the delivery in my country but I know you do not have anything to do with the delivery here.
    Summarizing everything went right.
  • If you are a creative one, it will give you several hours of pleasure

    posted by eruption99

    I was very surprise of the quality of the balls. They are very thin, solids and of good quality. You can put the sticks in every hole without problem. They are also very solids. Then you can build a high structure without problem.
    It was a good purchase. You can intertain yourself or/and yours kids for hours. You can throw challenge and have fun.
    If you search for a affortable and creative toys, it's a good choise.
  • Great Product

    posted by rasapi

    Excelent product, it's a very well made 1/72 reproduction of a Tiger Tank. Has sound effects for the engine, tracks and turret movement. Also when it fires, the tank make a small recoil. It's a great replica and pretty accurate replica.
    Part of the packaging of my tank was crushed during shipping. And the "commander" in the turret ended up bend. But the rest of the tank came without any problem and it works perfectly. I really wish if DX could be more careful when packing this kind of items.
    Is very funny and I will recommend it for all the R/C tanks enthusiast. I am really looking forward to buy another one an play a little "war game" with them

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