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green night light

On this page, you can find a wide selection of green night light. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Browse the products from christmas light green, or some other related Pages like cree light green. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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green night light Customers Reviews

  • Very nice

    posted by shimik

    Nice green light.Light is bright enough.Turns on only when it is dark.According to the spec the electricity consumption is very low.
    No other thoughts to say about this Light-Activated Cute Mushroom Style LED Green Night Light Lamp
    Cheap night light. Turns on only when it is dark. Kids really like the mushroom shape and the the green light. If you are looking for a night light this one is cheap, good and nice
  • Mine has a touch on/off switch!

    posted by cadocado

    Note, I got a different light, read on!I love these little lights. They take almost no power, but they are great reading lights. The colour is warm-white. It gives a lot of light, those leds are very bright. Read on!
    First of all, I got a different device than you see in the picture. Any USB light requires just 3 leds and 3 resistors (small black squares). But mine has 5 more components: An 8 pin chip, a 3 pin chip (can be a mosfet or transistor) and three other parts like resistors or capacitors.It turns out that the back of my light is an on/off switch! It's just touch operated. Touch the plastic and it switches! Weird. Amazing. Anoying when you don't know because it seems broken. It switches on and off when you touch it. When you know how it works: Useful.3 LEDs take 0.14 amps at 5V. I disabled one LED. Now it uses only 0.09 amps, it stays cooler and it's better for reading - it's not so silly bright anymore.
    Like. I like the on/off switch, now I know about it.
  • Good also for ankles

    posted by canelacanela

    Good value. Can be used for several parts of your body since the velcro allows you to set the bands to your arms, ankles or wrists.
    As I'm using these for bicycling, they also can be used to hold my pants and keep them from touching the oily chain. What a great usefulness this product owns.
    Be safe and let them see you in the dark, biker/runner/whatever!

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