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  • Good

    posted by DonQuijote

    i found an arduino library for it, made by someone, and i did not have to crete it from scratch.
    Up to six can be chained together on the same bus
    it provides a good balance of inputs and outputs
    The board has obviously been panelised, and there are v-grooves on the side that haven't been snipped off, but you can just snip them off yourself if you find them inconvenient.
    I will probably give mine away, and buy myself another one, as well as other elements from this family of circuits, like the 16 character 7seg display.
  • Cool electronic clock

    posted by madmax1981

    It is a cool electronic clock, it look's very nice on the desk. It came packed in bubble foil. It has temperature sensor and it can display the temperature wich is very usefull. It has 4 display modes: only clock, only date, only temperature and alternate. The temperature is not very accurate, but if you have a accurate termometer you can correct the error because the module has that function. Also has the correction function for the clock too.
    This is a cool clock with bright led's.
  • Great quality component!

    posted by sadgoat

    Nicely built compact adjustable voltage drop adjustable. Switch allows to view input and output in a nicely sized display. Adjustment screw is nicely sized to not be easily mis-adjusted. Voltage display switch is also conveniently located.
    Comes with stand offs and build quality appears to be very good. Using this drop a 12 volt gel cell down to 5 volts for a remote camera.///////////
    Great value for a well built component. Set screws for lead attachment appear to be quality and tighten down snuggly. I found that an oversize plastic TicTac box makes a good case to mount the regulator in.
  • Simply works

    posted by lucaspcamargo

    Is what it says on the description. Very, very cheap for what it's worth, and includes a voltage regulator, so it works with 3.3V or 5V.
    BEWARE: It comes without any documentation whatsoever, so you'd better know what to do with it when it arrives. Google "adafruit bmp085", if you are interested, they have many great, simple to follow tutorials.
    Cheap, simple, effective. If you are into electronics DIY and own something like an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi, like me, its a must-buy.
  • Great product, worked perfectly

    posted by zexi0n

    The product had a low price and high quality making it great for experimentation and getting good results. The laser is strong and is equal to 20mw which was the power level that was shown in the description of the product.
    Great for someone buying a first time laser modification.
    Great product, service and price which is suitable to all involved with lasers.

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