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On this page, you can find a wide selection of green led lights. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. We recommend led flood lights, led light bar as hot products. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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green led lights Customers Reviews

  • Land rover logo

    posted by Dread73

    Surprised by the lens that projects the logo, it is very bright and the logo is coloured.When doors open your good visible in the dark for other traffic.
    A focus able lens would be nice for future updates on this product.
    Very nice logo projector/ safety light for the inside of your car door.Surprised by the lens that projects the logo, it is very bright and the logo is coloured.When doors open your good visible in the dark for other traffic.
  • Very stylish watch.

    posted by shatl

    Large digits.
    No frame. Digits during the entire wall of the housing.
    Show time, temperature and date.
    The numbers effectively change each other.
    External power supply. If broken, it is easy to replace.
    The clock is maintained even after switching off the power supply.
    Digits are rotated according to the provisions of the housing.
    I am very upset. I got a watch with a broken row of on the screen.
    I versed in electronics and decided to fix the clock.
    It turned out that on the pcb screen fallen off the output of the transistor.
    For reliability I soldered all the pads. Clock earned.
    Despite the drawbacks, I really liked this watch.
    I order more one as a gift.
  • Small and compact

    posted by newbulb

    1) Small and easy to operate2)It is built with cheap looking plastic and it uses three aa batteries.
    I bought this to do my own project to put in the new driver and the super bright LEDs.Apart from that, I want to put in a torch head as well so that you can switch between the lamp and the torch for the camping purpose. This casing is a bit small to put in the torch head.
    it is a good product for the mod job if you know what you are doing and it is great fun of having such a little gadget.
  • Very good!

    posted by lucasr

    No need for an outlet, so I can leave it outside and go on a vacation without worrying about a fire or my energy bill coming too expensive.
    LEDs are bright without lighting the place too much.
    Turns on by itself when it gets dark enough.
    You can open it up to add one more battery or change the 1200mAh one for a better one (I'm using Sony 2300mAh batteries). I also used silicone to isolate the top openings of the unit from rain (wire hole and solar panel corners). It came with a black rubber but I didn't trust it enough. It's working great so far...
    Very good product! I'm sure you won't regret it if you buy it!
  • Good

    posted by DonQuijote

    i found an arduino library for it, made by someone, and i did not have to crete it from scratch.
    Up to six can be chained together on the same bus
    it provides a good balance of inputs and outputs
    The board has obviously been panelised, and there are v-grooves on the side that haven't been snipped off, but you can just snip them off yourself if you find them inconvenient.
    I will probably give mine away, and buy myself another one, as well as other elements from this family of circuits, like the 16 character 7seg display.


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