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green laser Customers Reviews

  • bright and good lights, easy to use!

    posted by Dragelampe

    Bright and good lasersspeed control!easy to useIt has a very wide range, can fill a normal sized room if placed properlychanges the apperance of the room
    Don't really see the use of strobe or the ability to follow music, this device is more for making the living room or bedroom look nice and relaxed.
    I bought this item to have lasers in the living room, this thing is better then excpected.Not an item for a party though, its a calm and relaxing light show.But if its not for a party I will recommend it!
  • Awesome product!

    posted by Nikkie88

    Beautiful price for a green laser.Good quality beam. Can reach the clouds.Batteries don't drain too fast, in contrast to most using AAA batteries.Not too big and sturdy quality when put together.
    Excellent green laser, especially for this price!If you want to get it to play with pets like cats, you might want to consider a red laser seeing these cause bigger damage to the eyes.
    Excellent quality pen and laser beam. Don't suck up batteries as fast as you think - good buy!
  • Looks great

    posted by willmanners67

    This laser looks very cool in the pictures. i say in the pictures because i never actually received it (see cons)
    this laser is not 1mw. buy it if you want a shiny green aluminium laser over 1mw. they look much better than the true 5mw green lasers. if you buy any green laser from here expect it to be over 5mw
    don't by any laser from over seas if you live in Australia unless you just want to waste your money on something you will never receive
  • HAHAHA! Truly overspec!

    posted by Leodahsan

    - Bi-focusable (convergent/divergent lenses)- includes full driver and button (color assorted :D mine is black)- at the negative wire you can insert a spring for connecting to cells, on a host- removing all the lenses, you expose the frequency doubler crystal, that outputs at least 50mw of power at 1mm², with pops a ballon, light a match and more... (focused as a common laser it just heats skin)OVERSPEC! :D
    Came well packaged, and, as being a OEM product, I think it is not prohibited in EUA neither AUS (I may be wrong tho)It came as "DIY PART & TOOL" on my package. will post some photos and video soon :)
    <3 DX! lasers lovers will have a heart-attack when turning this on! Has the size of a AAA cell!Deal class: EXTREME (5/5)!
  • Cool device!

    posted by hahalkinguns

    Really great little laser pointer! The beam is stronger than I expected! It is perfectly visible in the dark and weaker in the daytime inside. Perfect to go with keychains. Good build quality - chromed body looks great.
    Sorry for my english - I used google translate...
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