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green laser Customers Reviews

  • 850 5mW Green Laser Pointer Flashlight w/ 2-Flat-Pin Plug - Black (1 x 1

    posted by Dawgmatics

    this is a beutiful little laser, strong aliminium casing and GLOW IN THE DARK button, this is a stunning feature, its one of the strongest 5mw lasers i own, im very happy
    this is perfect for a presentation pointer, star gazin or just a tourch, i would reccon that this little laser (that fits in the palm of my hand) easily point as far as 1-3km's
    i would recomend this to anyone who like laser pointers, this is worth the money, i might even get me another one
  • Good Green Laserpointer

    posted by Nico3344

    -Very bright. I'm no expert, but brighter than common "5mw green" pointers! I would estimate more like 30-50mW.-Very well machined housing, aluminum.-Does work with AA Batterys! Even comes with a set of AA's
    -Slightly visible beam at daylight. Spot is always extremely Bright.-Solid very bright beam in the night! Didn't measure the distance it covers, but no problem to point at clouds /stars. VERY BRIGHT!-Lights Matches after ~0.5-1 exposure! Didn't try to pop baloons, but should be no problem.-Shipping to Germany was no problem.
    Very bright Laser. Must buy for the price! But pay attention. This is not a toy!
  • Convenient

    posted by mmlee

    Solid metal constructionUses AAA batteriesNice having red and green in one pointerAppears to ship with brand name batteriesMetal presentation case if giving for gifts
    Overall good value for product - would like to see reliability increased
    Recommended product - part of our standard office supplies
  • Very bright!

    posted by wtarr

    Extremely bright, even more than the 20mW module alone. The beam is thinner, probably 0.2 or 0.3mm, though the spot is so bright that it looks larger when cast to a wall. I could burn holes in very thin black paper and draw on chocolate. I suspect it's more than 5mW, don't aim at anyone. The beam is very visible in the sky, which is convenient to show stars. The AAA battery was included.
    Be very careful not to aim it at living people. The reflection of the spot on paper is blinding. The beam is visible at more than one kilometer. Even in the sky it could probably be dangerous for planes, so be very careful. I didn't see it reflect on clouds however.
    Very good for the price, better than experimenting with naked modules which require some batteries whose shape is never suited. Totally useless but fun :-)
  • Very funny =)

    posted by SamodelkinMSC

    1. Very funny light show, some time looks surreal.2. Nice price, much lower than in my country.3. Good quality, metall box, tripod - looks like serious professional device.4. Have convenient remote control.
    Great device for house partyes. It also good idea for gift.

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