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This is our best green laser pointer, they all share a great design and great prices. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. If you want to find more green laser pointer related products, you can find them by browsing wireless laser pointer, 1mw laser pointer. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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green laser pointer Customers Reviews

  • Good green Laser Pointer with nice look

    posted by darkeye232

    Its a nice, bright laser. It goes realy far, at night you can see the beam over a amazing large distance. Even at daylight it goes over 30m. The design is realy cool.
    The laser is a good product and i can realy recommend it, its not for burning things (the output is not enough for it) but for pointing, and for having fun. It can gets realy hot if you use it over a longer time period (>10min). Do not point at other people, the output is still anough damage eyes!
    I can recommend the product!
  • More bang for the buck

    posted by alphandomega

    Very nice device, I have other 5 mw green lasers and this creates a much brighter beam. A 5mW laser should be a class IIIa device, this device is a class IIIb (laser output 5mW - 500mW), so most likely that the beam output is more than 5mW so use extreme caution and wear protective glasses.
    Bigger than appears in the image, so look at the measurements, aside from that it is very nice.
    A good buy
  • Nice one

    posted by Paulix00

    It's a very solid laser, really impressive the quality, it took 20 days to come, faster than i expect.It came with the batteries, so u can just open the package and start using, without other complications.
    Really good quality and price, i recommend it.I also bought an red laser, it has the same quality but the color seems a little "common" and visually the green laser looks more "brighter"
    Nothing to say here
  • REaally Good, sturdy green laser

    posted by everlast30

    Great Alumminum body, it looks like this thing can really take a beating and keep on working.The Green Laser dot is really powerful, during nighttime you can spot it from a really great distance, manual states 1km, all i can say is that so far i was able to spot buildings for at least 800 Meters away, even airplanes approaching to the airport using my binoculars.The power on off button on the back glows in the dark so it is easy to spot during night timeDuring daytime you can spot the green dot, but not at long distances
    So far i smashed it against rocks, the floor and drooped it from really great distances, and it still works! only a few scratches on the aluminum body.
    I use the pointer to point out holds during my trips to the artificial rock climbing wall or to the mountain. So far it has served my pruposes, i mainly uses this device during daytime, and it works like a charm. It is a great bang for the buck!
  • Good !!!!

    posted by LHBI

    here is a nice finish on the pointer, nice quality of plastic / rubber, the power button is good, useful clip, strong and good focus. comes with 1 18650 batteries, can be used out of the box. It can also be driven from an external power supply assuming you know what you are doing
    The spot remains quite small even at 100 metres. I use it to point at stars
    that's it !


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