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green laser module Customers Reviews

  • Nice laser diode and lens in casing

    posted by jprofesorek

    Works as expected. Seems to output 10mW for real. The collimator (=lens) is adjustable, and the initial position is already OK. Physical specs are valid.
    Electrical specs as measured:Laser effect starts at 100mA@1.73VReasonable output for a laser pointer is at 180mA@1.80V (my estimate: ~1mW)Laser output strong enough for me is at 250mA@1.82V (my estimate: ~5mW)Tested for some 5 seconds at 400mA@1.85V (my estimate: over 10mW).The diode has additional unconnected pin - maybe a monitor (but I didn't test it).
    Nice device. As expected, except from current use.
  • Great!

    posted by sparky820

    Bright little laser, strong construction of lenses with some adjustment of the beam, there are 3 component sections: the laser diode with driver, first lens which spreads the beam and a focusing lens module.
    Has a threaded end for possible attachment to other things?Button needs to be depressed for laser to function, may be an issue for some applications but can easily be modded.
    Relatively cheap, bright, approx 10mW. Is 532nm.
  • Burning rubber

    posted by mblogst

    Good laser pointer, it does heat and smoke black materials. Too bad that dx is not selling any more 200mW version. Or anything more powerful, like SD Laser.Laser line visible, have to check how fast will batteries go flat.
    Had problem with fallen off wire. Local service repair fixed it asap and everything sorted out with dx.
    Dx, please offer us more powerful laser modules, up to 0.5-1 W.
  • Superb

    posted by rouge1

    I bought 2 of these and I have not been disappointed. I am the envy of childish men everywhere! This thing will go for what seems like miles. DO NOT POINT IT AT AIR CRAFT OR INTO PEOPLES EYES! You will be caught and arrested. Simple as that. I have them both attached to two paintball markers and laugh every time I use them as the paintball will never in a million years go a quarter of the distance this thing does.
    Greatest party toy ever! The button switch works well and you don't have to over tighten it.
  • Overall great buy

    posted by qwertymodo

    Very powerful, considering the 5mW rating. Able to faintly make out the beam in a lighted room. The dot is clearly visible on the hillside out my window ~0.5 mile away in the late afternoon/evening.
    The switch is a momentary switch that you have to hold down. I wish this weren't the case because it makes DIY projects very inconvenient. If you put it inside any kind of case, the switch is inaccessible. I rewired mine to bypass the switch so I could use a switch mounted to the outside of my case. The on-chip pot allows you to dial up the power a bit as well which is nice.
    It's a great buy for a DIY project, and a great price, it just takes a bit of work.


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