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You can find fashionable green laser module at a low price. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Customers who purchased green laser module also viewed green laser flashlight, green laser scope. With your support, we can do better.
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green laser module Customers Reviews

  • Superb

    posted by rouge1

    I bought 2 of these and I have not been disappointed. I am the envy of childish men everywhere! This thing will go for what seems like miles. DO NOT POINT IT AT AIR CRAFT OR INTO PEOPLES EYES! You will be caught and arrested. Simple as that. I have them both attached to two paintball markers and laugh every time I use them as the paintball will never in a million years go a quarter of the distance this thing does.
    Greatest party toy ever! The button switch works well and you don't have to over tighten it.
  • Review by Craig.

    posted by psylockeza

    Excellent laser for the price, I'd guess about 5-10mw in output. Comparable to about 1/4 of my DX 50mw.
    Would have loved to see the beam at night, but I blew it rather quickly ;) ** my own fault! See pics for the insides as I have stripped it.
    Nice for OEM products, mini laser shows etc. Build your own :) Or mod this into a flashlight (not sure if it will run under 3V).
  • Bright for 5mw and green

    posted by QuestionsX13

    This laser is brighter than my 10mw green laser from a different supplier it works well with 2 rechargeable AA batteries.
    I could add a different switch easily without taking off the one it has.
    It is so cheap you can afford it easily and if you kill it not a huge loss at the price.
    It gets warm after about 10 minutes use not hot. The mono-potassium phosphate doubling crystal is tiny less than 1mm on a side. The focus is set so you see the same size dot at any distance. I wouldn't use over 2.5v as it is ample.
    Unless you want to burn things or blind yourself this is great and at the price you cant go far wrong.
    Get one even if you don't need it you will find a use.
  • HAHAHA! Truly overspec!

    posted by Leodahsan

    - Bi-focusable (convergent/divergent lenses)- includes full driver and button (color assorted :D mine is black)- at the negative wire you can insert a spring for connecting to cells, on a host- removing all the lenses, you expose the frequency doubler crystal, that outputs at least 50mw of power at 1mm², with pops a ballon, light a match and more... (focused as a common laser it just heats skin)OVERSPEC! :D
    Came well packaged, and, as being a OEM product, I think it is not prohibited in EUA neither AUS (I may be wrong tho)It came as "DIY PART & TOOL" on my package. will post some photos and video soon :)
    <3 DX! lasers lovers will have a heart-attack when turning this on! Has the size of a AAA cell!Deal class: EXTREME (5/5)!
  • great product

    posted by sscp7nick

    great laser
    extremely bright and you can turn the pot up to 80mw
    i bought a c size battery holder
    but havent yet soldered laser to it
    (wires twisted together) better for long life
    works even better on 6v but gets warm (warm is good)
    this is the second one of these units i've bought i got carried away with overpowering the first, i burnt it out on 9v
    buy 1 turn pot up max put on 6v power supply and pop all those black ballons instantly
    be careful not to cook the driver


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