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green laser module

You can find fashionable green laser module at a low price. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Customers who purchased green laser module also viewed green laser flashlight, green laser scope. With your support, we can do better.
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green laser module Customers Reviews

  • Cheapest strongest Laser you will find

    posted by oi1618

    Very good for that cheap price and also very bright.It is very easy to use and can easily be modified.The shipping only took 8 days. I also didn't have problems getting it through customs.
    Since the lenses-system can be screwed off it has more applications.I wonder why they don't put longer-lasting wires on the laser.
    Get this laser. It is the cheapest you will find anywhere.
  • Nice little module

    posted by Things

    - Seems well built, and very bright for is stated 5mw output, which suggests it may be doing even more.
    - Small, and I mean quite small. it is a lot smaller than I had expected it to be.
    - No power fluctuations.
    - Adjustable focus.
    - Reasonable price.
    - Would be nice if it still worked thru the spring terminal on the back.
    - Maybe also with the switch still included, but not a big worry as they are easy enough to find and solder in if needed.
    Great module, producing more power than it's rated for, and for a reasonable price. Good for little projects that require a small, bright laser :)
  • Very good and inexpensive 532nm laser module

    posted by FireCrier

    - Price- Power output- Construction- Driver circuitThis laser module is cheap, in my country it's about 1/6 of common price. Power output is very good, beam can be easily seen in the city at night, very bright dot at day, even under quite strong sunshine. Did not measure the real output yet. Construction looks robust, but something rumbles inside - probably crystal piece (does not affect anything). Another "pro" is driver circuit, so you can just easily put it on 3V, and you're ready to go.
    Very usefull stuff for many projects - best use in laser pointer.
  • Nice laser diode and lens in casing

    posted by jprofesorek

    Works as expected. Seems to output 10mW for real. The collimator (=lens) is adjustable, and the initial position is already OK. Physical specs are valid.
    Electrical specs as measured:Laser effect starts at [email protected] output for a laser pointer is at [email protected] (my estimate: ~1mW)Laser output strong enough for me is at [email protected] (my estimate: ~5mW)Tested for some 5 seconds at [email protected] (my estimate: over 10mW).The diode has additional unconnected pin - maybe a monitor (but I didn't test it).
    Nice device. As expected, except from current use.
  • I love it, excellent beam.

    posted by malvarez10

    This thing is bright! I ordered 2, one was slightly brighter so I mounted it in my housing and boy its awesome. I get lots of complements on it. The stray cats in my apartment complex love it too! I dont notice it getting too hot. I did NOT modify the pot, i left it as is for maximum life.
    I bought 2 and 1 was much more dim than the other :/ so quality control is something to be taken into account. I love my laser though and it always impresses the guests!
    Im popular now :D and feel like if it breaks I can build another.

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