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This is our best green laser module green, they all share a great design and great prices. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

green laser module green Customers Reviews

  • You get what you pay for

    posted by [email protected]

    This is a powerful laser. Shoots a beam straight to the moon(not really but seems like it).
    It feels like the button is quite weak. Though it still works. Not defective at all, but just saying. Feels like it is going to break anytime.
    Good buy, for the price. Strong laser. Be careful.
  • Burning rubber

    posted by mblogst

    Good laser pointer, it does heat and smoke black materials. Too bad that dx is not selling any more 200mW version. Or anything more powerful, like SD Laser.Laser line visible, have to check how fast will batteries go flat.
    Had problem with fallen off wire. Local service repair fixed it asap and everything sorted out with dx.
    Dx, please offer us more powerful laser modules, up to 0.5-1 W.
  • AWESOME!!!

    posted by ErNaug

    Unexpectedly powerful device. The sticker on box says it is "<5 mW" - that's not true. It is really around 20.
    Nice build quality, accurate finish.
    Works with one CR123 battery
    Low price.
    Might be inappropriate for usage as airsoft aiming device due to it's overpowerful emission rate.
    Might be really disastrous for one's eyesight.
    Good quality. Nice price, recomended for starting laser-geeks.
  • Nice 5mW laser module

    posted by lanclan

    Very nice laser module for the price. Just apply 3VDC and away you go. I was able to get about 12mW-15mW of power out of it. Yes, unit has a IR filter.
    A more powerful laser module in this style would be nice. I recommend using 2 AAA or 2 AA batteries to power unit. Do Not exceed 3 VDC input.
    A nice start for those looking for a well priced laser module to experiment with.
  • Cheap, Bright, Works, Burns

    posted by messitom

    Small and fits into things well (host). This will burn when run on 3v (2 AA's) with the lenses removed. My wires were soldered on well. It IS focusable. Beam is visible in low light conditions and solid at night. I suspect (as others have stated) most of the power is IR light. Iam doubting this is truely 50mw but its plenty bright.
    button is easily bypassed by soldering a "jumper" along one of the sides 2 contacts
    Worth the money! You cant go wrong here if you are looking for a module to replace a pen style or for a custom project.

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