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  • laser

    posted by nickxab

    Excellent beam output.Very useful for hunters.You can change the angle of the laser, it got 3 allen screws inside for this(little difficult thought, i will explain) .The build quality on the outside of this unit is fantastic, and is very solid.
    Right for fun ! Nice toy.
    Great value for the money, very useful if you are into airsoft night gaming, or just want to use it on real pistols for some target practice.
  • Best scope for the this price.

    posted by DaxDesigns

    REALLY big lenses, very nice full metal scope.Come's clean and with 2 laser illuminatings - green and red. 5 levels of brightness to each.VERY easy to use crosshair X & Y adjusments, very clear and nice.Overall the best scope I have ever bought up to the $100's prices.
    VERY nice scope, Tasco branded (saw a lot of questions about the brand).Crosshair is not as shown in pictures, but a crosshair with a hight calculation: | | |--------+--------- \----|----/ \---|---/ \--|--/Looks like this ^^^^.Hope you understand.
    Best scope for the price range of 0~$100.Very easy to use, huge lenses, come's with cloth and mounts (universals).Does not feel cheap at all - fully heavy metal (scope weighs 700 grams!!!).
  • Great choice of rifle scope

    posted by geofisica

    Excellent optical quality, has excellent brightness, chromatic aberrations not detected. The eye is enormous ensuring a broad target and precisely, facilitating the laying of the gun. The system of internal lighting and highlight the lattice. Flawless black matte finish, excellent for not calling attention to the hunting situation. The manufacturer claims to be approving of shocks in both directions, something difficult in other models and manufacturers.
    Excellent value for money.
    Very good product for value for money, I recommend to all who want to have a telescope but can not spend much.
  • Superb

    posted by rouge1

    I bought 2 of these and I have not been disappointed. I am the envy of childish men everywhere! This thing will go for what seems like miles. DO NOT POINT IT AT AIR CRAFT OR INTO PEOPLES EYES! You will be caught and arrested. Simple as that. I have them both attached to two paintball markers and laugh every time I use them as the paintball will never in a million years go a quarter of the distance this thing does.
    Greatest party toy ever! The button switch works well and you don't have to over tighten it.
  • Very good value

    posted by davebrock

    I use this as an initial finder on a large telescope and it performs very well. Obviously not as bright a beam as the 20mw (which I also have) units but is bright enough.
    I've bought a few of these and will likely buy more.
    Well worth the money


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