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green laser aaa Customers Reviews

  • Good laser to buy

    posted by sapkilla

    Good device for entertaining. I bought 2, both presented to my friends by this time. But i have enjoyed using it. Psychedelic patterns appears (gypsophyla effect) when you turn the cap. It is so good absolutely in every place you party or go out with friends. The range of laser without the cap is outstanding!
    Even the box is useful. i put my smoking pipe in it )
    This is good one. Buy it. But don't forget: directed in the eyes it may be harmful and dangerous.
  • Superb for the price

    posted by vangli

    I bought this as an accompaniment for my astronomical telescope to be used as a star pointer in the sky. I think the strength are sufficient for my use. If stronger it may be dangerous for the eyes or aircrafts passing by.
    Maybe it should have been designed to handle lower battery voltage.
    For the price it is an excellent buy.
  • Very bright, but switch finnicky

    posted by beta34

    Very bright.Uses readily available AAA batteries and battery life is pretty long.
    This thing is ridiculously bright, definitely exceeding 5 mW (close to 12 mW measured with a high end laser power metre). It's a bit too bright to use for presentations if you're standing close to the screen, but the beam is clearly visible at night so it would be good for pointing out stars and the like.
    Bright, maybe too bright for indoor use as a presentation pointer.
  • Very bright!

    posted by wtarr

    Extremely bright, even more than the 20mW module alone. The beam is thinner, probably 0.2 or 0.3mm, though the spot is so bright that it looks larger when cast to a wall. I could burn holes in very thin black paper and draw on chocolate. I suspect it's more than 5mW, don't aim at anyone. The beam is very visible in the sky, which is convenient to show stars. The AAA battery was included.
    Be very careful not to aim it at living people. The reflection of the spot on paper is blinding. The beam is visible at more than one kilometer. Even in the sky it could probably be dangerous for planes, so be very careful. I didn't see it reflect on clouds however.
    Very good for the price, better than experimenting with naked modules which require some batteries whose shape is never suited. Totally useless but fun :-)
  • Nice one

    posted by Paulix00

    It's a very solid laser, really impressive the quality, it took 20 days to come, faster than i expect.It came with the batteries, so u can just open the package and start using, without other complications.
    Really good quality and price, i recommend it.I also bought an red laser, it has the same quality but the color seems a little "common" and visually the green laser looks more "brighter"
    Nothing to say here

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