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green drive Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by pecina

    - Very functional.- Built with good material.- Very easy to use.- A lot of memory (16 Gb).- It have a metal case to save it.
    You don´t need to install any software, because it is plug and play.
    I recomended this product, it´s absolutely fantastic. With this product you have a lot of documents or games (for example) in it.
  • Just received it

    posted by Robin95

    * It looks like a rose, although I think it would look better if it were a red one.* It can be used as a key chain.* The top won't fall off of its own. It's too tight for that.* The USB plug isn't too tight or lose; You won't have to push hard to get it in, and it won't easily fall out of your computer's USB port.* If it's on a key chain, you won't notice that it's actually a USB drive until you pull off the top.* It looks as if it's one rubber object. You won't easily be able to tell there's a USB drive hidden inside it.* It's reported by my operating system to be 4.2 GB rather than just 4.0 GB, but this could be related to things like cluster size.* It came in a round box with soft material.
    I ran a benchmark on this. Results;* Minimum read rate: 17.7 MB/s* Maximum read rate: 20.7 MB/s* Average read rate: 18.4 MB/s* Minimum write rate: 2.1 MB/s* Maximum write rate: 5.5 MB/s* Average write rate: 3.0 MB/s* Average access time: 1.5 mshttp://i.imgur.com/PRHXGVL.png
    Seems like a good product. Not all that suitable for transferring big files, though.
  • Great but it's bad quality

    posted by Desiii

    The usb works fine. As curious the usb is marked as 32 gb but when I plugged to my computer it sais 34 gb usb volume so there's two gigas more in addittion. I don't know why. But the usb works very fine without any problem.
    In summary the USB is great, with two gigas more. Works fine in ubuntu and windows. No problems with an aspire one netbook too
    Made by bad plastic but the other stuff is great. It's a bit expensive I think and it comes bad glued. But at least it's great as a mass storage.
  • It is cheap but it is cheap

    posted by BabaWoo

    The price of the product is good, less than 1 dollar a piece. With enough power to the module (12 V constant), the module can drive 4X1W LED (SKU 133086). Actually I tested several more with the 12V power source, it drives 5X1W with lower brightness and above 7 without any light.
    I do not know what data sheet this module is based on since I could not read the fine print on the module. It might be helpful if the site can provide the information then I might be able to fix it or make modification.
    It is mostly fine but with possibility of defects, although probably low possibility.
  • Good fot this price

    posted by pikar

    Low price. - Easy to use. - Good quality. - Leds really works. - Microphone works fine.
    In general it is a good camera, can not aks much for the low price. is very easy to use, just plug it in and start to enjoy the magic of video chat. The finish is medium quality. the clip can not be attached to any monitor, the monitor must be very thin to hold
    Good product. Cheap and useful. is an excellent camera for general pourpose. I have used it perfectly in windows 7 ultimate.


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