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  • Wide-Angle Zoom - 2 hrs on high - side switch

    posted by arbantelope

    Super Wide-Angle Zoom - 2 hrs on high - side switch. Does not get hot - only slightly warm.Brightness is good, not blinding, but battery life is great. Feels good in hand - easy to grip and turn on/off with the side switch. Fully zoomed out, this thing throws a huge circular wide-angle light pattern. Great when walking in the dark.
    Unique Dark Green anodized aluminum body.Lens is smaller in diameter than another similar torch. Not good for long distance, get a different flashlight if that's what you want.
    Good value for money. Fully zoomed out, this thing throws a huge circular wide-angle light pattern.
  • Its really good, seriously...

    posted by Mathias6710

    It's really bright, and I mean really bright.
    Painting make it feel soft
    If you point it against a WHITE ceiling, the room will be lit up as if there was a 60watt (220v) light pulp.
    I dropped it in water (max 20cm deep) a few times, I think its waterproof.
    If you hit it hard against something, the painting will come of.
    This is a good flashlight. It's the best one I have used, and it's cheap.
    I'm going to order one more! (or two)
  • Green it IS!

    posted by FLjunkie

    This is a very bright LED flashlight. Color is very, very green and can make the colors of items it shines on change in interesting ways. Build overall is good and I have found the 18650 battery works the best in it, although 2 123's will also do the trick but doesn't seem as bright. Mine came in good shape, everything aligned and worked right out of the box.
    Only one use I could think of for this light and that was using it when going hunting for deer. They supposedly see in the green spectrum and thus this light would not be seen by them. I will have to check that out and see.
    If you want some thing different, buy this one and you will be happy.
  • Unique and Good

    posted by ClickieClique

    This 3-color light is very unique. The white Cree has very good throw for having such a small reflector. Just like the beamshots in the description, the white Cree has the tightest beam. The green Cree is bright also and throws nearly as well. The red Cree is bright but does not throw very far outside. All modes change with a half-press of the clickie. If you're quick at pressing the clickie, you can create a cool white-red-green strobing effect. These are probably the brightest red and green LEDs lights you can find here.
    I bought this light mainly for the red Cree, but I've been using the white Cree on it more often. I've used the white light for 1.5 hours straight without any dimming. So runtime on two 18650's should be very good. A blue Cree instead of the green one might make this light useful for hunters.
    I'm not sure what use the green Cree will have. Maybe useful for directing traffic.
  • Nice Heavy LiNight

    posted by peggjam

    Nice light for shining for coyotes when night hunting. Not so heavy that your arm gets tired though. Beam is tight even at it's furtherest useful yardage, which is about 100yds. It will pick up eyes at further distances, so you know they are coming in. Battery life is good, and because they are rechargable, it is inexpensve to operate. Buy a set of batteries and you will always have a spare.
    With the price of these lights, you can afford to buy several, and give one to your hunting partner.
    I don't think you can go wrong with this light.


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