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  • A useful container bottle.

    posted by kodke

    It allows you to pump up small amounts of a liquid from the container to the small reservoir under the flip-up lid, which means less risk of spilling.It is pretty air tight. The isopropyl alcohol I've put in it has not evaporated noticeably since I put it in there from what I can see, but I have not really paid that close attention to the liquid level between usages either.
    I bought this to store isopropyl alcohol in to clean printed circuit boards with during soldering, and it works excellently for pumping a small amount of it to the reservoir, eliminating all spill and almost all evaporation.
    I can recommend it for its purpose.

    posted by felince

    Very good quality and size, excellent stainless steel build. Magnificent color combination and design. Stainless steel is better than aluminium, since it does not leach metallic particles when carrying acid drinks.
    You should clean it using vinegar every 3 to 5 days or a mixture of vinegar plus baking soda and a bottle brush to clean stains from the interior walls of the bottle. For every day cleaning soapy water will suffice. It's a shame that there's no 1000mL version.
    Highly recommended excellent price, would definitely buy again.
  • Good Product - Bad Package

    posted by eliorshops

    Nice Shape and design, Fits for military, traveling and day by day uses. The quality of this Bottle is pretty good. The shippment time was ok. The military bottle is similar to the pictures.
    Buy It Here! They worth that! Much More better then the others shops on the net.
    Very interesting item for me, look like in the pictures.
  • Cheap, confortable and useful

    posted by PedroPAparicio

    Light weight, confortable material built... no tastes and bad smells inside. Perfect to drink water. If you like drinking water without BPAs and none smells, this is your perfect bottle! The best point is that its useful.
    Cheap, beauty and useful. What more else?
    If you like drinking water without BPAs and none smells, this is your perfect bottle! I love drinking water when I'm working in the office, this is the best way to drink safety and useful
  • Nice product

    posted by SuperYod

    This is a very nice laser pointer. On the pictures here it looks more bottled than it actually is. So it's better in real life. It has a metal frame and is very stable. The laser itself is very bright and quite big, compared to other 5 mW lasers. The laser can be seen in daylight outside, and inside the house even better. When it's dark it easily goes over a 500 meters, and still then you can see it very clearly, only the spot is bigger. You can also see the beam of the laser wich is very cool! It also has a nice box. The string is handy too.
    You should buy the rechargeable batteries with it, those work great on them (CR2). The bottle is perfectly hideable in your hand too. If you first wanted to buy a 50 mW laser or bigger, then this is the perfect laser for you, it's certainly strong enough!
    The price may be a little bit high, but the quality is certainly much better than cheaper ones!


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