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  • Great quality component!

    posted by sadgoat

    Nicely built compact adjustable voltage drop adjustable. Switch allows to view input and output in a nicely sized display. Adjustment screw is nicely sized to not be easily mis-adjusted. Voltage display switch is also conveniently located.
    Comes with stand offs and build quality appears to be very good. Using this drop a 12 volt gel cell down to 5 volts for a remote camera.///////////
    Great value for a well built component. Set screws for lead attachment appear to be quality and tighten down snuggly. I found that an oversize plastic TicTac box makes a good case to mount the regulator in.
  • Best break out board around

    posted by vu2swx

    I used it for experimenting with analog devices ad 9832 dds. I could connect the breakout board to a breadboard a and experiment with it. My Direct digital synthesis variable frequency oscillator is up and running on test bench.
    Cheapest break out around. Happily recommend it to fellow dxers I am planning to order a few more for my lab.
    recommended. The pricing is a bit on the upper side. They could sell 5 boards at this price
  • Best batteries I ever bought

    posted by corks

    They can really handle the heat. I managed to pull at least 10% more current from them than compared to other 18650 batteries. The capacity is for real, my flashlight (SKU 125128) lasted for full 4 hours at high mode (it sucks from 1.1A to 0.8A). Sturdy construction, big vents at the top. Don't get hot during operation. They come in their own protective transparent plastic case.
    I go for skating tours in the night which can last from 3 to 5 hours. I used to carry spare SKU 5790 batteries with me to manage all this time. I made the full run with only one set of Panasonic. Can't wait for the 3400mAh! Protection kicks in at about 2.86 volts on high mode. After this you can still run a flashlight on low mode for about 15 more minutes. Then they are officially discharged.
    If you can afford these, you will get what you paid for. Still waiting for the Panasonic 3400mAh to come back in stock!
  • cheap Powerfull amp! definate buy

    posted by fdpree

    Cheap amplifier. Small in size Big in sound. Deep bass. Very efficient due to the tripath design. Works with 4ohm and 8 ohm speakers. plug and play
    You can "mod" this amp by adding to resistors (google: "ta2024 mod"). If you dont do this the amp wil be way less loud if you use cellphones or ipod's and other small audio devices.
    If you need a amp buy this one. Works great with my Bowers & Wilkers v204. Also great for diy
  • Great little gadget

    posted by mtrcek

    The board is great. Powerful enough, it is small and compact switch mode power supply. I have used it as a LED stripe driver (for 1m of LED stripe) and as small audio system power supply. For the last one - it is very quiet, the EMI circuit does it's job. The holes make it easy to install.
    A very good and usefull SMPS. I really recommend it.

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