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gps sirf iii Customers Reviews

  • Good Cheap Module, Real RS-232 Output

    posted by cjketle

    A bit more info that might be useful. Startup report is:$PSRFTXT,Version:GSW3.2.4_3.1.00.12-SDK003P1.00a $PSRFTXT,Version2:F-GPS-03-0612201$PSRFTXT,WAAS Disable$PSRFTXT,TOW: 63708$PSRFTXT,WK: 1766$PSRFTXT,POS: 3943341 -144434 4994336$PSRFTXT,CLK: 94282$PSRFTXT,CHNL: 12$PSRFTXT,Baud rate: 4800 Appears to be version of EM-408 with RS232 (not TTL) output & firmware from 2006/7 ish.Measured current consumption 40-45ma @ 3.2v.Disabled if EN line is grounded.Connects direct to COM port for setting up with SiRFDemo.
    Works with external active antenna OK.
    Good cheap module but watch interface levels.
  • A good quality name brand product

    posted by Strath

    Made by one of the names in the field this is a well designed product which works out of the box. Go to the holux.com site and download the right drivers before installing. The same site also has the complete users manual. Works well with OziExplorer software. For testing the utility package from the Houlx site gives you lat/long etc.
    The packaging is solid and has a good professional feel.
    A good buy- recommended.
  • Great little GPS

    posted by overkillthemighty

    Great device
    If you grab the SiRF Demo application, you can adjust what is send and how often. For example, I found that if I only enabled the RMC and GGA it reduced the amount of processing required to get the info I wanted (I am using TinyGPS with an arduino, and those are the only 2 TinyGPS uses). Looking at the options available, you may be able to increase the reporting above 1Hz.In order to change the strings sent, Use the "Switch to SiRF protocol" and switch Back to NMEA. This site is helpful: http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=25575
    Buy it!


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