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  • careful with this GPS!

    posted by dve123

    The price is very low for such a good quality GPSIt is also easy to use
    Use a converter IC to translate the RS232 voltages. If your I/O are 3V3 be sure to choose the right converter IC, most of them make the levels 5V
    As long as you understand its rs232 its a fine product
  • Excellent product!

    posted by robel

    Cheap, lightweight and small! Very good accuracy. A versatile protocol from u-Blox called UBX Protocol along with the well known NMEA protocol can be used. In fact these two protocols can be used at the same time (on the same interface).
    This GPS contains the u-Blox NEO-6M chip, an active antenna and the needed circuits including a battery. It is really small, but still powerful. It is easy to connect to Arduino or other microcontrollers as well as to a computer. Please remember this device has TTL-level serial interface, hence a level converter is needed in order to connect to RS-232 or USB. I use SKU: 164590 and it works excellent on Windows and Linux. Although NEO-6M has USB and SPI interface only the serial interface is useable without soldering. That is, there are no USB or SPI wires from the PCB. NEO-6M is able to provide PPS (Pulse-per-second) on NEO-6M’s pin 3 (TIMEPULSE) and that means this little device can be used as a very, very accurate time source (microsecond accuracy or better).
    This is the “guts” of a GPS. No display, no buttons. The only interface is a TTL serial interface. In order to get it watertight you need a watertight container. But this is one of the best, cheapest and lightweight GPS modules I’ve ever seen. Accuracy is great (approx. 2 meters with SBAS). Position resolution from ECEF coordinates are within a 1 cm cube! (X, Y and Z coordinates comes as 32 bit signed integers and the unit is cm).
  • Crius GPS

    posted by fabioschmidt

    -This is a high precision GPS for those who want to build a multicopter like naza type. It works very well, all functions GPS home, GPS hold work fine like a dij using this module.- No solder and no special skills needed, just activate gps in multiwii code. - External antenna allow you to put it where you want- antenna is active, so it is more precise
    Now my quadcopter can stay in the same position using gps, or come back home if signal is lost.
    I would recommend it.
  • Great kit for begginers

    posted by xyzbilal

    all in one, easy to use, easy to acces online documents. can be modified easyly. OSD can be modified for extra sensors. easy to upgrade, easy to configure. all parts included to mount. no need to be proffessional for programming. just download apm planner, connect via usb and configure according to your vehicle.
    great kit for begginers.
    if you want to build an multirotor and autopiloted craft, dont hesitate to buy this kit..
  • too expensive for a similar product

    posted by konus81

    Very compact device. Very comfortable to use, good quality video resolution and build quality.
    Two minuts of record in resolution 1920 x 1080 takes about 150 Mb
    Too expensive for a similar product. GPS module is not useful.

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