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gps module Customers Reviews

  • A great choice for your DIY projects

    posted by ecerrillo

    Nice price. I got it working on a Raspberry Pi in few minutes with a minimal setting and software. The GPS is ready to use and it comes with the necessary wires for attaching it to your board. It seems to provide accurate locations, even in indoors.
    The GPS provides SBAS/EGNOS correction so you can obtain errors, although I haven't checked its accuracy yet. It does not seem to need an external antenna.
    Nice choice if you are looking for a cheap GPS with a good performance.
  • Works OK

    posted by KopeHun

    Not expensive, can trasmint on L1 and L2 bands too. Effective range is tested to be around 25m in an open field. On the board 2 VCOs are modulated and amplified to generate the output signal.
    Nothing else.
    If you need such a device it's a good pick.
  • Crius GPS

    posted by fabioschmidt

    -This is a high precision GPS for those who want to build a multicopter like naza type. It works very well, all functions GPS home, GPS hold work fine like a dij using this module.- No solder and no special skills needed, just activate gps in multiwii code. - External antenna allow you to put it where you want- antenna is active, so it is more precise
    Now my quadcopter can stay in the same position using gps, or come back home if signal is lost.
    I would recommend it.
  • Short on documentation.

    posted by sworteu

    Can be aimed towards the sky. Is very easy to mount. Comes with all you need except for documentation (a cd is there but it doesn't tell you how to connect).
    Connection documentation is:Red: 5voltTiny Black: GNDThick black:Unknown (please let me know!)White: Tx (put this in a serial RX)
    Could be better, but i must say it works. However it's hard to know exactly how to connect it and make it work perfectly if some wires are unknow.
  • Good Cheap Module, Real RS-232 Output

    posted by cjketle

    A bit more info that might be useful. Startup report is:$PSRFTXT,Version:GSW3.2.4_3.1.00.12-SDK003P1.00a $PSRFTXT,Version2:F-GPS-03-0612201$PSRFTXT,WAAS Disable$PSRFTXT,TOW: 63708$PSRFTXT,WK: 1766$PSRFTXT,POS: 3943341 -144434 4994336$PSRFTXT,CLK: 94282$PSRFTXT,CHNL: 12$PSRFTXT,Baud rate: 4800 Appears to be version of EM-408 with RS232 (not TTL) output & firmware from 2006/7 ish.Measured current consumption 40-45ma @ 3.2v.Disabled if EN line is grounded.Connects direct to COM port for setting up with SiRFDemo.
    Works with external active antenna OK.
    Good cheap module but watch interface levels.


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