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gps map canada Customers Reviews

  • Nice GPS

    posted by stu929

    128Mb of RAMRecognizes 8GB cardFast satellite lockFast processor and mapping
    Would be great if it had a shortcut to all nav programs like it does with the games/music/vids rather than opening the programs.
    Bought this as a gift and while IGO is functional I planned to add Garmin instead is it is what my father is used to and I'm having trouble getting the program running correctly.Otherwise I'm happy with the device fast processor just has some glare issues.
  • Good navi

    posted by iMPXi

    -Good looking.
    -Loud, high quality speaker.
    -Big and bright screen.
    -Engllish WinCE with dll's, i.e. WinCE applications running is not a problem.
    -Good working PAL/NTSC AVIN with mirror and rotation functions. Was tested.
    -GPRS internet via BT DUN. Not present in menu, but accessed from residentflash2\app\bt\Phonelinkmsg.exe application. Acces to resident \flash2 through TotalCommanderPNA http://4pna.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=86&d=1235842928
    - Good sattelites response.
    -Shipped with "505" model sticker on the box.
    -CPU MT3351.
    -WinCE register and windows files has recovered after reboot.
    -Using Phonelinkmsg.exe application not allows same time GPRS and Handsfree working...
    Good for price.
  • Very nice!

    posted by SidaoSaoPaulo

    Very well designed. It's like an Ipad, but smaller. The screen is very bright and clear.
    It has 2GB of memory witch was enogh for me add the Brazil and all the USA states into. I'm using this device locally and in some international travels, always working well. As I said, I need to trust in the GPS device as sometimes I don't know nothing about the place. With this device I am OK.
    If I need to indicate a GPS device for a friend, I'm going to indicate this SKU.
  • Easy navigation

    posted by Timon099

    Navigators have been bought to me and the spouse in our cars.
    We are very happy.
    I have installed programs of navigation NAVITEL 5.0.
    Works very quickly.
    Has easily incorporated on BT to mine HTC and SAMSUNG spouses.
    It would be desirable that the navigator had more capacious battery.
    That it could use in the pedestrian order longer.
    Also it would be desirable to see in ?????????? an adapter on the European socket.
    The fine navigator for the reasonable price!
    Thanks dealextreme.
  • Cheap and good

    posted by tofalvip

    It's a cheap GPS device with a fast CPU and a good built-in GPS chip. I wasn't able to check whether it really has a Sirf Star V chip as the product description states, but the time-to-first-fix is quite good (around 70 seconds for the first time, then 20 seconds). The Windows Ce-based PNDs are ideal for thos don't want to complicate them with e.g. Android-based applications, where you have a lot of setting options and things are so handy. Here the basic principle is "Hit and run!" (i.e. Press and drive! :-)As for the accuracy, I cannot tell you exact figures, since the software doesn't show meters or the like, just: adequate, good or excellent. In most cases I have seen the Excellent rating.
    The windscreen support provided is OK, however I don't fix it on the windscreen. I rather prefer a circular support plate with self-adhesive layer on its bottom, that can be fixed on the dashboard. It's a pity that DX has no such items in its product catalogue.
    This a MUST BUY!

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