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  • GPS SMS easy.

    posted by maikonayres

    compact instrument which facilitates its instalção, elegant look, the quality seemed very good, although I believe it is risky to be installed on motorcycles due to lack of insulation to the water. A also stands well back when pushed
    if the service via SMS is plenty I point out, tested it with chips of course and live and work very well, but for real-time tracking cost exceeds those found in Brazil have to hire a monitoring service where the phone companies sedem .
    Recommend to anyone who wants to do rastreamanto low cost and you do not mind and do not need a real-time tracking, by hesitating in Brazil since companies that provide such an option and provide the device, works very well via SMS should only take care not to make many requests for this local service is priced by heating the chip you isere, easy to handle has been shown to be in perfect working
  • Looks great! Manual a bit lacking.

    posted by joelby

    Very tidy construction. It comes with lots of useful bits and pieces, such as mystery relays.
    Possibly good for hackers and enthusiasts! It's not really a consumer product.
  • best gps tracker around right now

    posted by preekjul

    All in one easy to use device. The battery is quite alright too. If you're familiar with your car or bike's electronics you can combine the sos function with your alarm system. The device is also waterresistant. At least resistant enough for everyday outdoor/motorbike use.
    The device performs great. But it would be more usefull if you can shoot a config file to the device. Maybe by memory card or USB. Setup by SMS is ok too, but the initial setup takes some messages to complete.I've created an easy setup tool for the [b]TLT-2H[/b] [i]GPS Tracker[/i] using [i]Android App Inventor[/i]. Just to play around with the new Google tool. And, evne better, it saves me from typing all these SMS commands everytime. What was it to request my current location, what command sends the last 24h history to gps-trace orange? Just choose a command and the tool creates the valid command to send.Also, I've included most (all) of the common commands like add phone number 1, you can edit the command later by typing a 2 of 3 if you want to add more numbers. Set geo-fence, upload gprs location etc etc. All the numbers I could find in defferent versions of the manuals available. And ofcourse the ones I use myself setting up my TLT-2H.You can use your barcodescanner to download the application:[img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4144381/app/barcode.png[/img]Or the direct link to [b]TLT2H_Easy_Setup.apk[/b][url]http://alturl.com/4vmbj[/url]Anyway, feel free to try. It can save you a lot of time, instead of setting up the device manually. And you don't have to brwose the terrible manuals yourself.
    Great device for an great price. Find the best provider for a sim-only subscription in your country and you can start tracking.There are also some free tracking services online; the one I would suggest is gps-trace.com. This one has by far the best interface and functionality. Like downloading trackdata, set alerts by mail and sms and a history online up to a month.
  • a good product

    posted by alongaz

    The product looks good, the plastics are good quality, all the connectors are good and the installation is quite simple.It have many options to track your vehicle (some of them very useful and some unuseful at all)
    it would have been nice to get a smartphone application that will put the position of the tracker directly on a map (like Google map)
    A perfect product for vehicle you are afraid will be stolen. just find a hidden place put it and you can track your vehicle real easy.
  • I Recommend!

    posted by maxpock

    It work well! I have onde in my car and one on my Motorcycle, here in my country we have lots of problems related to theft, I have 2 friends who found their cars using onde of this!
    I installed in my bike and asked a frind to find me using a mobile gps, I went to another city, and hided, after some minutes he was there!
    Not so hard to install, the manual is in english, good details on all parts.
    Works exactly as it is announced, Highly recommended!

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