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gps gsm 1900mhz

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gps gsm 1900mhz Customers Reviews

  • Good tracker

    posted by alcartur

    - Installation it's not that hard;- building looks solid;- Vibration alert works perfectly, so if someone find a way to disable the car alarm, I'll still receive sms form the tracker, pointing the exact location of my vehicle;- Coordinates you will get by sms are very precise.
    - This is a good device, but the lack of information will not allow you to enjoy the full capacity of the tracker.
    - The device add safety to my car, every night i set the protection mode and can sleep in peace.
  • Good quality GPS tracker

    posted by sdomburg

    I own two of these GPS trackers and I use them to hook them up to my two cats when they are going outside. The device is quite small and although my cats are both quite small, they do not seem to be bothered too much by carrying the GPS tracker around, probably the weight of this device is quite low.
    The reception is excellent: it still works, even when the device is tilted when the cat lays down. Although not water-proof, small amounts of rain do not get in and the cats dislike of water makes sure it never gets soaked.
    Putting in a cheap SIM card makes it work and when a cat is not yet home when its getting dark, I can easily retrieve him sending an sms and looking up the coordinates on Google maps.
    Very usefull device if you want to be able to check on your pet when its not home. Saves you sleepless nights and posters all over the neighbourhood.
  • It's perfect to track your car or motorcycle

    posted by ESCORIA

    To everyone This tracker is very small, allowing to be hidden anywhere in the car or bike. To Brazil Este rastreador é bem pequeno, possibilitando que seja escondido em qualquer parte do carro ou da moto.
    To everyone At Brazil, it works with a lot of mobile companies, like TIM, Claro and Oi. It works at VIVO. I use it with a Tim Chip and I expend R$ 17/month To Brazil No Brasil, funciona na maioria das operadoras de telefonia celular, inclusive na VIVO. Utilizo com um TIM CHIP do plano Infinity pré e gasto R$ 17,00 por mês.
    To everyone At Brazil, it works with a lot of mobile companies, like TIM, Claro and Oi. It works at VIVO. I use it with a Tim Chip and I expend R$ 17/month
  • Nice Gadget works like it suposed to

    posted by nfuse

    nice gadget, easy to program, just put a cheap prepay sim card in and it works. it is small and this device is easy to carry around i bought it for my son to monitor his movements, and find hem when it is nessecary
    a little more information like make and model would be nice i found this tracker under 2 different name's pt-20 and CVHS-G42-EU
    nice gadget works like it supposed to, and the price is not to much compared to losing your child :)

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