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The gps fm europe your looking for is one of our top sellers. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

gps fm europe Customers Reviews

  • very bargains

    posted by barnett

    The best for me to navigate this moment.Vsichko work.Very quickly discovered satellitesWorks with many different programs.You can put programs on choice.The materials are very good.Strong. Well attached to the car stack.touch screen very good. processor is fast.For this price it is very good. Movies are doing well.There is much more expensive to get.I highly recommend.
    Transmitter works with charging cable.!Sometimes freezes in place, but this is not a problem.Only battery lasts 1 hour.I'm very cheerful, it works funktsiyata.Imam AV camera again bought from here and now I see the car back as park.Other models are not working on AV, but this works very well.
    I highly recommend This is very good for this price and it works really OK.Veche many of my friends requested it and I'll buy them a gift.
  • good navi

    posted by sot6grm

    realy big screen, good responsiveness, good quality, MP3 can play via FM transmitter, BT work fine, beter with samsung Galaxy than Nokia N97. Can be used for free-hand phone. Not test AV input.
    already come with Igo 8.0, maps for Europe are new. When first time use, no GPS signal for approx. 5min.I tried also Igo Premium, also work OK, not tried other navi software.
    good and big-screen navi for low price. After 3weeks no problem!
  • A Nice Device :)

    posted by kushtrim

    It has a nice 7" screen with a nice resolution, the GPS function works very good and accurate. Touch screen is responsive good enough and the device has some useful tools such as a calculator and office doc viewer.FM transmitter works without any problems with my car radio. I needed the AV IN function and in order to get it working I had to buy a 2.5mm Nokia CA-92U AV cable. Once I got it the AV IN works and has a nice function of flipping and rotating the image by tapping the screen.The battery life is long enough.
    It would be nice to have an AV IN cable in the package.I would like to have Wi-Fi and a nice browser in the device :)
    I think the device is worth for the price.
  • Great as GPS navigator

    posted by Rudolfs

    Very good GPS chip. Finds sattelites fast and keeps locked. Very precise position and speed.
    CPU speed is acceptable.
    Comes with IGO
    Big, nice 7 inch screen
    Battery life is enough.
    Sturdy window mount
    Full market
    It's very vell priced.
    Very good as GPS.
    You can instal NAVIGON, which in my opinion is better than igo, and sygic as well, but sygic doesn't have very good maps
    Wifi works well.
  • Good build quality, great value.

    posted by Biomorph77

    Great value device, easily configurable to use other software on either internal or external memory. No issues locking onto satellites.
    Have considered trying to remove this plastic sheet as it appears to just be over the main touch-screen which would have the matt finish one would expect. Use it infrequently enough to have not bothered trying yet.
    Great value all-round with one annoyance, but it's a bearable one.

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