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It's very convenient for you to find the gps cell you want at our online shop. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

gps cell Customers Reviews

  • Very good for its pourpose

    posted by lucasassis

    This holder is very useful. It can hold many different kinds of gadgets, such as phones, gps's, mini tv, etc. It can carry devices as big as a Samsung Galaxy S3. It is very compact, making it easy to be stored in any glove compartment. Also, its price is low. The suction cup is really good, it won't fall from your windshield. The swivel allows you to set you device in any position you want.
    A must-have, since it can hold many different devices.
  • Superb cellphone hold

    posted by GraveUypo

    · Lots of articulations - can get into any position you need it to· Solid build - doesn't rattle or shake when mounted like similar products· Really good suction cup - doesn't come off unless you mean to remove it· Good for just about any phone - the phone holder can hold phones from the smallest cheap android phone to a galaxy note with space to spare.· Good padding - the (faux?) leather padding on the holder is soft enough that it does not damage the phone in any way, and does not compress permanently over time like some other products do.· Versatile - you can actually mount a Go PRO hero camera on this, just remove the phone holder part and screw the go pro hero arm-things directly on it, it fits almost perfectly, and it's solid enough for you to mount it outside of your car without having to worry (too much) about it falling off
    other thoughts
    Need a good solid phone holder? look no further. this is by far the best i've had, and it's positively the best on DX. i've already bought a couple of these.
  • Small and usefull

    posted by Armonicman

    Good price. Good option for the dashboard. Good strenght for an iPhone. Good material and build quality. Also the packing es very good.
    It is OK for a little holder that DOESN'T have to be attached to the ventilation grid (who though that this option was good????)
    Good relation between price and quality. If you want a small holder with not to many stuff attached this should be your choice
  • excellent option for vent mount

    posted by sssskkkk

    easily connects to car vent, looks like the vent clips mechanism holds it solidphone can rotate to almost any angle, which is very good
    i had another model from DX, which did not have a spring connect like this one, but used just plastic connector with pressurethat one was lasting only few months, where the plastic fatigue from the constant pressure would break eventuallyalso the had to use glue to keep it from wobbling in the ventthis one looks like a much better solution
    if you need a vent mount for your cell phone, buy this one
  • Great Build

    posted by Delanoman

    Fast mount onto the window.Good grip on the phone, with an easy system which pinches the phone together.So that most phones will fit in it, except Galaxy Note perhaps. Sticks amazingly well to the window, it just needed 2 resets in a half year.
    Could be in more colors.The grip system could be made more strong.
    Great product. If you need one of these, you should buy it. Give it to friends, its super easy and cheap!

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