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You will be surprised our best gps car holder with an artful design and an amazing price. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. android car gps or gps car player contains many hot and popular products. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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gps car holder Customers Reviews

  • A generic GPS holder that does its job

    posted by dxat1150

    You get your GPS closer to you than windshield mounted holders.You do not get any suction cup circles on the windshield.You can remove it and there is no traces left that you hav a GPS in the car.
    After taking off the shipped GPS holding part which did not fit my Tomtom i fitted the tomtom original ting mount on it with a screw and some epoxi and now i have a great Tomtom holder, better than the original suction cup holder.I use it in my second car a Mitsubishi where it fits perfect.I tried it in my Toyota Camry but there SKU183974 worked better with a garmin gps.
    Might need some tweaking but works fine.
  • your 3rd arm in the car

    posted by rackertamer

    Very easy to install. Good fixation on smooth surfaces. It fixes even where I placed the toll sticker for the motorway (inside of the wind screen).I use it to fix my Samsung SIII to have it closer to my hands instead of using these also useful self adhesive magic mats.
    Looks a little bit cheap but fixation is a s good as expected.
    For white devices a nice and useful solution.
  • excellent option for vent mount

    posted by sssskkkk

    easily connects to car vent, looks like the vent clips mechanism holds it solidphone can rotate to almost any angle, which is very good
    i had another model from DX, which did not have a spring connect like this one, but used just plastic connector with pressurethat one was lasting only few months, where the plastic fatigue from the constant pressure would break eventuallyalso the had to use glue to keep it from wobbling in the ventthis one looks like a much better solution
    if you need a vent mount for your cell phone, buy this one
  • Great mount, great price

    posted by Elastictango

    -Suction cup mount is steady and secure. I've moved the mount once or twice and never felt like it was anywhere near falling off the windshield.-The grab arms are able to hold a wide range of sizes, and have soft rubber grip pads-Pushing the button makes the arms slide out slowly instead of snapping out, which is a nice touch-The bracket on the bottom folds up into the body allowing me to plug my phone in while it's in the mount. Since the arms hold it firmly enough the bottom bracket isn't really necessary, but it's nice to have just in case-The bracket can be adjusted on the mount to many different angles and rotated to hold a landscape or portrait view.
    I think it comes with a little plastic disk with adhesive on one side in case you want to use it on your dash instead of the windshield, but I wanted the suction cup mount specifically so I could re-position it as I wanted.
    You really can't ask for a better product for the cost. I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality. Definitely recommend.
  • Very useful product in the car

    posted by KLcoolboi

    - The product does what it was intended to do- Adjustable clamp allows the mount to hold a variety of devices- Clamp holds the device nice and sturdy, does not wobble around much even while driving- The suction cup is strong and has not fallen off the glass once- The locking mechanism is well build and allows for easy suction against the windshield
    Maybe reinforce the area between the suction cup and the rest of the clamp.
    Great product, great price, would buy another one.

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