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This is our best gps 7 lcd, they all share a great design and great prices. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. People who browse gps 7 lcd also browse gps 7 europe and wince gps 7. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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gps 7 lcd Customers Reviews

  • Very nice!

    posted by SidaoSaoPaulo

    Very well designed. It's like an Ipad, but smaller. The screen is very bright and clear.
    It has 2GB of memory witch was enogh for me add the Brazil and all the USA states into. I'm using this device locally and in some international travels, always working well. As I said, I need to trust in the GPS device as sometimes I don't know nothing about the place. With this device I am OK.
    If I need to indicate a GPS device for a friend, I'm going to indicate this SKU.
  • Looks very good!

    posted by blyt0004

    - 7" touch screen - Touch screen is sensitive even in corners unlike sku.37914- Comes with stylus in GPS Case, not on gps mount like sku.37914- Menu system is quick- While writing this review and taking pictures indoors, the GPS found very good signal. (8 satellites)- Comes ready to use in North America 2008.10 Maps and IGO 8.3- Comes with 2 GB Micro SD card with maps installed on it (350 MB free space)- FM Tuner- WinCE 5! Seems like more support for apps than WinCE 6
    - Now I need to find a case that can fit a 7" GPS.- I hope the screen is bright enough in daylight, I will check that of tomorrow.- Now I have to sell my 6" GPS!- This does not seem to be a YF international GPS, so support and Roms may be very hard to find.- Works with my 16 GB Mirco SD card speed class 2.
    - Very Cheap GPS for what you get.- I like the size and the more simple menu than other GPS sold here (YF}- I am happy with this purchase and I think its a good value.

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