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gps 5 Customers Reviews

  • easy to use GPS

    posted by marik

    - Very fast and more responsive compared to the Win CE 5 gps navigator- Fast warm time to fix of about 30 seconds even if you are moving- Possibility to install many different navigation software - since it runs on android. Some are even free with offline maps.- Comes rooted- You can use it out of the box but the maps are a bit outdated. Comes with iGO.- Has an FM transmitter- Has most of the functionality of an android tablet
    Don't install two versions of iGO on it or you will have the same problems that i had - on fix on satellites.
    Although it seems that it has the functionality of tablet(b-b-b-ut it has Android!), it's pretty limited due to the single point touch screen, a small battery and a rather slow processor. You can't read books on it for very long as well as you cannot play decent games, so its use is limited to the gps function. So, if you are ready to pay 30$ more for that speed - go for it; otherwise buy any win ce5 gps nav.
  • Very good, good quality.

    posted by Tochim

    .: Good material quality..: Good zipper quality..: Double zipper..: Incluide a carabiner..: My 5" GPS fit perfectly..: Have a net poquet inside to carry other things..: Have elastics bands that hold the GPS in place when the case is open.
    .: The color is a bit darcker that Iin my screen, it is not a problem for me.
    Good option for protect a wide screen GPS, or to carry some gadget outdors.I recommend it.
  • Very good

    posted by rgroliveira

    This GPS is very good, easy to operate. It is fully touch screen. All functions are accessible via touch. The satellite receiver is very sensitive, works in some places covered. The FM signal works great. The bluetooth syncs with the calendar, and phone calls. The navigator is the iGO8.3, but can install and choose another time to use. Allows other programs to Windows CE 5. To update the map is very easy to install also warning radar. Customizable for multiple languages, voice and timing of any country. The internal memory is very good, I installed three navigator, map of Brazil, the United States and Europe.
    It is a very good player, I recommend. The size is ideal for the dashboard and is not too large nor too small. The touch screen is very sensitive, the sound is audible and vivid colors.
    Missing one button to turn off most sensitive.
  • Price/performance winner

    posted by janneaare

    FastworksBattery lasts a dayUsable cameradisplay resolution and colorssize
    First thing you're going to notice is that this phone is big, really BIG. Display is bright and the phone is really fast. Eventually you will notice, that the display isn't as high quality as those of iphone 4 or later flagship phones. It doesn't do perfect viewangles nor have that good touch accuracy. but it's not immediately apparent.Worst thing about this phone is the speaker. I'm sure you will miss calls and messages because of this. Time and time again you will notice your message from blinking light notification only.The phone has GPS but no compas. This means that you can locate yourself in google maps, but no navigation.Power button is very small and flimsy little thing and it will drive you crazy because it must be pressed a million times a day for waking up the display. Be warned.
    Fast and nice phone with only a couple of annoying problems. Comes with two batteries and no compas. Very good for it's price!
  • Less positive after using it for navigation

    posted by parkpop

    Nice screen for navigating purposesSolid accessoires for fixating on dashboard of carBrite screen
    Put nav app on device with the right maps (when ordering from Europe, Canada is not really needed but Europa maps for example)Longer cord for charging in your vehicle
    When looking at the price and what you get, still a good buy.

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