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  • Long term test: a good buy

    posted by portner

    I've had these cells installed in calculators for a couple of years without issue or need of replacement. The performance is comparable (but not identical) to big name brand cells at a fraction of the price that one would pay for a big name brand cell in a retail store. At this price, they're cheap enough to have on hand.
    These are a good choice if you're looking for good value LR54 cells for calculators. At this price you can afford to buy them to keep on hand for when you need them.
  • Cheap AAA batteries. Very simple and common. Just what you need.

    posted by ForoLinternas

    The price is very cheap. $0,625 each battery, and includes a plastic box to keep them inside. That box can hold AA batteries too. It is perfect.
    If you need AAA batteries just buy these ones. Good price and good quality are always a good combination :) And you will get a plastic box that you can use for other batteries!
    Nothing more to comment. This is a simple product: cheap AAA batteries.
  • Very handy batteries

    posted by jieshan

    I've been using these batteries for years with no complaints. I'd estimate, based on extensive but unscientific testing, they last only half as long as the more expensive branded alternatives but considering they cost only a tenth of the price of these branded equivalents, they still represent far better value for money. I'll be continuing to use these in preference for my cameras, alarms, pedometers, timers and other small electronic items but I'll carry a spare in my pocket when away on holiday, just incase...
    Nice and handy
    Good price quality
  • cheap, heavy duty batteries

    posted by joshuaensley

    Way cheaper here at DX than the store for a 4-pack of batteries. Good idea for a stocking stuffer at x-mas. I got one pack just to check the quality of them and I will probably get more in the future. Seem well built and they work. What more can one ask for?
    If you need batteries stock up on them here at DX. You'll save money in the end. But better yet check out their rechargeable ones instead. Save you even more money and saves the environment!
  • Worth The Money!

    posted by BoraDURSUN

    Well, cheap, really cheap! Comes in 10's pack!
    Nicely packed, there are also perforations, so that you will not be ruining 9 batteries when you only need one at that time.
    They are not draining fast. (This actually depends on the power you draw). I am using them in a decorative lamp (SKU 2041, recommended!) and 3 of them work fine together, without causing trouble, brightness-wise.
    I am keen on lamps, so I will be ordering some more of these! These are LR44 but aka AG13, i.e., you will definitely need one day.
    Always needed, worth the money, buy it!

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