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  • Protective lens cover to avoid scratch on precious lens

    posted by Jiachyi

    This lens cover is used when you remove your gopro out from your housing. I.e. when you are charging/transfering photos. Without the housing, the gopro is very small and vulnerable. You may accidentally scratch your lens. This lens cover is very useful as it covers up to prevent any scratch.
    Everyone who owns a camera with this size of lens should get a lens cover like this.
    Just spending $2+ allows you to have a scratch-free lens!
  • Great bicycle mount.

    posted by JoelTann

    Item takes quite a while to arrive, as compared to other products of the same brand. The bicycle mount fits perfectly into different bars.
    It will be better if it comes with 2x (THICK) sponge/(Rubber) straps, as some might prefer to protects the paint of the bicycle. Also some bars might be smaller in diameter hence thickness can improve with the fitting issue. Other than that, was good and worth it.
    No further comment.
  • not a bad product

    posted by 00Santa

    Seems pretty good
    I could be wrong, but mine may not have come with the swivel/mount part? I have a few assorted ones lying around and when thinking back to opening it I cant recall if it was there or not.DX packaging never seems to be great - all my packages seem to have been pretty beaten up on arrival (but no damage to the actual physical products inside)
    pretty good price for what it is
  • Es un equipamiento necesario para la GoproHero3

    posted by rodrigoale

    - su calce es perfecto con la cámara y tiene ningún tipo de vibración- es muy liviano, lo he utilizado en aeromodelismo (FPV) y se agradece- la apertura lateral permite acceder al puerto USB para capturar el video en tiempo real o dar energía a la cámara de otra fuente.
    sin mucho que decir un pelín costoso ya que no involucra ninguna obra de ingeniería, pero es muy valioso al momento de tener una buena fijación de la cámara sin utilizar mucho espacio y poco peso.
    Es uno de los aditamentos necesarios para la GoPro Hero3 y una buena compra
  • Always good to carry extra charged batteries

    posted by shammon

    The charger is very compact. The batteries fits to the charger like a hand to a glove. Easy to insert and easy to take out but when batteries are in, they don't come off accidentally. You can turn it upside down and shake it a little but still the batteries remains inserted to the charger. You can charge either 1 or 2 batteries at same time. Red light tells you the battery needs to be charged more and green light tells you it's ready.These batteries have the same rating as the original ones which comes with a GoPro Hero 3+. The ratings are 3.7V, 1180mAh, 4.37Wh. Based on my personal testing with 1 original battery and several of these KingMa batteries. It takes about 2½ hours to get a battery fully charged after it's empty. Full battery gives roughly the same operation time regardless if it's an original or KingMa one, so there's not noticeable difference between these.
    I tested several of these batteries and compared them to original battery which came with Hero 3+ Silver Edition. All batteries were quite new when tested, including the original one. Short result is that there aren't noticeable differences between any of the batteries. All tested KingMa batteries gave almost the same charging and operation times as the original battery.
    If you use your Hero actively you will surely need some extra batteries ready to be used. And the charger is so small it can be carried in a pocket if necessary to be able to recharge the batteries on the go. And these are very decently priced especially when taking the quality in consideration.

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