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You can find fashionable google tv player minix at a low price. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. google tv player camera and 4.1 google tv player are the hottest keywords that customer use. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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google tv player minix Customers Reviews

  • Good TV BOX

    posted by pckike

    -As a media hub and is excellent tv box.-android operating system with kernel ubuntuInclude 1 x Google TV player 1 x US plug power adapter (170cm) 1 x HDMI extension cable (90cm) 1 x USB cable (90cm) 1 x OTG cable (14cm) 1 x IR remote controller (1 x CR2025) 1 x English manual
    You can install the application launcher go, for easy handling.To navigate better install firefox.
    It is one of the best on tv box android-Bluetooth3.1-OTGOTG port-Memory Card TypeSD Card-Max Extended Capacity32GB-External HDDUSB mobile hard disk, a maximum of 2TB
  • Excellent device, but has some minor drawbacks

    posted by avtobus

    Well built, nice design, powerful, ready to use from the box.
    Full HD BDRemux file (video bitrate ~17685 kbps, audio ~768 kbps) is not played smoothly from external HDD. Full HD mkv files with lower bitrates (e.g. ~12.9 Mbps avg) work fine.
    Great device, but, please, engineers, make it recognizable as tablet by apps and websites!
  • Amazing Product, both the MINIX and the Remote

    posted by valarinim

    Amazing Product, Amazing Experience! I would recommend to everyone... my Wide Screen 42" TV is now the most complete Smart Tv that I have ever saw.
    you must to get the A2 Air mouse with your Minix Neo 7
    Said that... everything else work perfectly...just to not install to much Apps and Services..... as this is not an real server... its just an Android TV Box.
  • Its a work in progress.

    posted by Obelixer

    Plug and play as they say. its a complete setup with the tiny keyboard i ordered, it (almost) does all the things you can do with your smart phone. tons of apps to download for this device. easy to toss it behind the big screen or inside a cabinet, the wireless remote signal goes straight through. wifi has good reception. you can connect your normal keyboard + mouse (wireless or wired) and have better control. its low on power consumption so you can leave it standby it also stays cool. with an usb hub (search DX.com) you can connect all you want to this device. (cam+mic etc)
    If your looking for a full true HD mediaplayer and simply want to press a key and watch the movie...? then this is not yet for you. and if you are not familiar with xbmc or terms as rooting you might look elsewhere. but if you are patient enough this device could be all you need. it depends highly on support from the developers.
    you buy a work in progress with very good potential. at this prize you have something cool to play around with and (i hope) in the near future can be a full featured full HD network player. p.s. it doesn't turn your television screen into a touch screen :)
  • nice product

    posted by edwinisdit

    want to use this product for xbmc. afther the update it works fine with 1080 p. ther are still some little bugs, but the community is still working on some good drivers. afther a few month it sould be solved.
    The small remote works but only if your are perfictly in front of the divice. at 2,5 meters it won't work. but buy a MINIX NEO A2 remote and it works fine
    At this moment the x5 works better but in time i would prefer thisone

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