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  • iTaSee MK809BIII Google TV Player w/ 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM, Mouse - Black

    Model: MK809BIII Quantity: 1 Material: Plastic Form Color: White Operating System: Others , No , Android 4.2.2 , Android 4.2 , - Chipset: Rockchip CPU: Others Processor Frequency: 1.5GHZ GPU: Embedded Menu Language: English , Greek , Danish , Norwegian , Dutch , Arabic , Turkish , Korean , French , Czech , Greek , Swedish , German , Norwegian , Italian , Spanish , Portuguese , Russian , Polish

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google tv 8gb ram Customers Reviews

  • nice product if you understand its limitations

    posted by aclosada

    nice web browsing, youtube videos without glitches. it fullfilled my need for a web browsing and media player for my TV. Small package, it fitted very nice behind my TV without the HDMI extension providedthis product offers a power off soft button and powers up when you turn the TV on - very nice
    received with android 4.2. wifi worked fine despites many comments on the internet about poor wifi signal, probably this is an updated version without the issues reported over internet forums
    it is a nice product if you understand that it isn´t a full pc. it is very convenient to have a web browsing android like this on the TV, specialy if someone needs to do something online and you wouldn´t like to borrow your PC/notebook
  • Very good Android PC

    posted by chartuni

    Good Android Version, very nice when used with Bluetooth controller. The quality for the Image on TV, is very good with 1080p. All my Android Applications works fine.
    If you want to buy this product beware with wirelless distance.
    Its much better then Smart TV. Excellent cost benefit
  • Good google tv player with android 4.1.1

    posted by avuijk

    As soon as it arrived I mounted the device to my TV. It looks like an enormous tablet, wich you can control with your mouse. Exelent image, turns your tv in a smart TV with internet ans capability to show movies, even that wich are on your nas. WiFi was strong enough to show streamed video even on the internet. You can also use a keyboard and a mouse simutainiously. wich makes the controls much easier. A memorystick with movies or music can be attached and it plays smoothly. Execellent device.
    A good device for the price wich is not high. I have recommended it to my collegues and friends. One of them ordered it right away. I think that it is a good device for a reasonable price. I will recommend it to others as well.
    A must have in this time of connectivity and a sure thing to buy as a device to enrich your TV.
  • Nice box for the money

    posted by rjohnh

    Android 4.2.2 as promised and XBMC 12.0 installed. The Google play works fine and has most of the apps you'd need to get going. You can download and flash a customized XBMC 12.2 with a few more capabilities in it. Love the multiple USB ports and it handles an external HDD with no issues. PnP for a wireless keyboard/airmouse as well. Looks good on a large screen TV. Lots of support online in the various forums.
    I was a bit put off with the shipping of the replacement unit since I had originally paid for expedited service and it came from China. This one shipped from Singapore and seemed to take forever.
    I would recommend this box to anyone looking for a good media centre/mini-pc. While not exactly portable, it beats the hell out of a tablet for the money.
  • Quite nice tool - I'm using mostly for viewing internet TV, youtube, etc

    posted by Dosas

    Good price/quality. Easy to use. Nice Air mouse. Everybody who is familiar with Android phones could start use it at once. All Android apps.
    Recommendation - buy and enjoy :) There is a lot of apps for free internet TV - you don't need satellite TV receiver - everything is here.Possibility to watch youtube on your TV - it is nice :)
    I'm satisfied :) Now my TV is SMART :)

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