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You'll find the best google nexus screen for you here. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. protector nexus google or google nexus holder contains many hot and popular products. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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google nexus screen Customers Reviews

  • Good screen protection

    posted by GIJane

    The screen protector looks like the normal glossy screen of the Nexus 7. Instructions are at the back of the package and the screen has two stickers marked with 1 and 2. If you put the screen into these steps it sticks nice and easy. Fits the screen of the Nexus 7 very well and have a hole for the camera. Nice and glossy look.
    Fingerprints looks the same onto the glossy screen just as when you don't have a protection screen. If you don't want that buy a matte one.Buy 2 so you can try again if it goes wrong.
    Nice price and quality for this screen, so if you want it, buy this one.
  • Nice matte screen protector

    posted by GIJane

    It's easy to apply to your screen with the instructions on the back. You'll have to like the matte look and feel. The pictures are just as sharp, but with the glossy one it's better. It fits the screen perfectly and has a hole where the camera is.
    Maybe after a while I will change back to a glossy one instead of a matte. The screen reflections is less then a glossy one.
    Nice price and quality for this screen, so if you like matte, buy this one.
  • Solid screen guard

    posted by MasterOlli

    - It's quite cheap, as all the screen protectors on dx. In my homecountry i would pay about 20 dollar for one of them- Once you've managed to apply it to the device it sticks perfect. - It comes with a small cleaning cloth which you have to use in order to prevent bubbles caused by dust on the screen.
    - As I said before it's quite hard to apply it to your tablet without bubbles. It is really important to remove all dust and other stuff from your screen before you use the protection.
    The product is very cheap and has the same good quality as all the other screen guards I had before. I would definitly buy it again.
  • Affordable protection

    posted by xonemark

    Unlike some other screen protectors I've tried in the past, this one actually has a very clear and almost glass-like finish that I love. It's practically invisible.
    This is a very affordable screen protector that I found very simple to apply and has been working great so far.
    I would gladly order this product again if I needed it. It's very affordable and it has a very secure fit that I think should last a very long time. Good value overall.
  • Perfect fit for Asus Nexus 7

    posted by rpgdonkey

    Not much can be said, but it is what it is. It's a good screen protector. Something I liked over other protectors was that it has the full cut-out for the thing beside the camera (which I'm assuming is the light sensor)Comes with a cleaning cloth.
    The box came a little crumpled however the screen protector made it perfectly safe. It's a little smaller than the box/card it comes in.It gets fingerprints because it's glossy. Get the matte one if that bothers you.
    If you have a nexus 7, grab this or the matte one. It's a small price for peace of mind about scratching your screen.

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