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gold plated audio cable

On this page, you can find a wide selection of gold plated audio cable. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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gold plated audio cable Customers Reviews

  • Nice and flexible optical cable for your receiver and such

    posted by GatewayGuy

    I took intrest in this cable for the following reasons: it was cheap for a optical cable and other then that I liked the quality better because of its flexible nature and rough material which is good for these kinds of cables. I once bought a other optical cable which wasn't as strong as this one and when (because of the plastic like cover) it got holes I had lots of disruptings and eventualy it broke down. Thats what I like about this one I noticed it being much stronger. I would def recommend it to everyone els because it still serves me well up untill now.
    non so far.
    Strong material, easy to connect, no rough edges nor fabrical errors, overall great.
  • Good but stereo

    posted by RonaldJPil

    Great sound! Looks and feels solid!A good way to listen to music together of one device.
    It says that it is a 'mono audio' splitter, but it actually splits the audio stereo. So when the splitter is used, both outputs play stereo. This could be great, but it isn't for the purpose I needed the splitter for.
    Good product, just note that it splits in stereo. When you need a splitter, don't waste your money elsewhere, buy this one at DX.com.
  • recommended

    posted by Rimlyanin

    Different colors help to avoid confusion to which wire is connected. Cable of good quality. Flat cable less confused. Low cost and good quality: cable does not feel cheap, product is rather bulky and resistant. - No need to "push" when connecting to devices
    Great quality for the price.
    It is a regular 3.5mm male to male audio jack connection cable. The connectors are very good, there is no need to force them.There are home Hi-FI technique Kenwood. Combined these cables connectors system control XS 8. Works fine.
  • Usefull info.

    posted by KoJl6ACA

    Perfect build quality, all (RCA and HDMI) contacts looks very cool and strong.
    Please be caserull, when buying devices, read the information carefully, because for me now it's just a wire, i can't use it where i expect to do this, it's just a cable and if your device can't transform signal from Digital to Analog and push it through HDMI, this cable cant help you converters cost around 40$ more..But in general i'm happy that cable and package looks like rly cool and expencive device)
  • Good blue cable

    posted by deslimjim

    The cable really is very beautiful, its quality is visible.
    Cable is too good for those using notebook and need to turn the audio on television that does not have hdmi input.
    Good for connecting speakers or appliances using audio inputs.
    I will not say the quality is bad, but I would like to see how the solder it internally.
    I really liked, and recommend it to anyone who needs a cable to the audio signal.
    The cable is nice and it worked, so I bought without any problems. =)

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