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gold plated 3.5mm jack

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase gold plated 3.5mm jack here and you can save money at the same time. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.

gold plated 3.5mm jack Customers Reviews

  • BEst bang for the buck

    posted by Wilian

    reeeally cheap, good quality, easy to solder, perfect for RC uses as a bushless motor to ESC connections. It's golden plating lasts forever and they can handle a high amperage charge without melting down. It can be used as lipo battery connector but DON'T DO THIS! It's not safe and there are other options wich won't harm you.
    The first time I bought those they came with some heat shrink tubings wich are pretty nice but this one don't. No big deal, but...
    If you are a RC modeler or want to make your own audio, video connections these are top of the line and really cheap, realiable banana connectors. No regrets on buying.
  • Worth the money

    posted by frlaviyou

    Good quality, and good dound quality. Works well to split sound for to earphones or other speakers.It splits in stereo, wich means, in each conector you'll have stereo sound!Golden plated, sounds very good in your ears!
    Works well and it is still possible to find a way to split in mono. Worth the money and it is very very cheap!
  • Do the work

    posted by Zemou

    Good built quality: A lot of plug/unplug and still work like a charm !Gold plated: No distortion noticed
    Bought this for my car to connect my cellphone to the radio. Work perfect.On other reviews, people say it doesn't work with iphone. I use this cable with my iPhone everyday and there is no problem !
    If you need it just buy it ! I use it to connect my radio and my iphone in my car. It do the job.Maybe a bit expensive compared to other 2.5mm cables on DX but it's a really good one !
  • A must to have for multirotor

    posted by masuddino

    Light and good quality and usefull for connection of motor with esc or battery with esc.Is a standard for all my quadcopter running motor 2208 kv 1070 with 12 Ah simonK esc and nylon prop 8*4,5Easy of reuse for future quadcopter configuration
    Would be better a bigger pack of 20 or 30 female or male only ( not paired ) anyway i will buy again for my next quad.
    Good item to buy again
  • Highend Constructed Cable..!!

    posted by bangsamaluku

    Cable that could easy go for 50 dollar cable.!Construction is good and bends very well.Connectors are well build and are even goldplated.
    An highend cable. For a cheap price. That is worth buying.! I have been using it from my tv to my amplifier. And it works verry well, no distortion what so ever.
    A Cheap and Great Cable i would recommend.!

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